Looking for a swimmingly good idea for Halloween? We’ve got several great water-themed Halloween costume ideas for you AND your family. You all like the water, so why not incorporate it into your costume this year?

From babies to kids to teens – and for parents who dress up – everyone is covered with these clever DIY costume ideas (with a skill level of easy-enough-for-pretty-much-anyone-to-do):

For kids of any age

  1. SCUBA diver: Paint empty 2-liter bottles and tape them together with black electrical tape to look like oxygen tanks. Use ribbon, yarn or string to make arm loops so the “tanks” can be like a backpack. Wear all black, and grab some goggles and a snorkel (and any other things you can find around the house) to complete the look. Bonus tip: Use “fish” buckets for trick or treat loot!
  2. Mermaid: There are SO many ways to make a mermaid costume! You can start with just a green skirt and add a purple shirt, or if you’re crafty you can buy some shimmery green fabric and sew a long flowing skirt with a little fin at the end. You can add fabric “scales” to an already-owned skirt (even cut up from felt and glued on using fabric glue) or you can make a long tail fin to hang down your legs. Be creative and use your imagination for some extraordinary results! (And we’re not saying your mermaid has to be Ariel, but if she is, you can make it a family affair with Prince Eric, Flounder and Sebastian, too…and even Ursula).
  3. Jellyfish: Get a clear umbrella and open it up. Add streamers of pink, white, and see-through crepe paper and fabric (such as a cut-up shower curtain liner) dangling from the bottom of the umbrella to mimic tentacles. Dress in all one color, such as light pink or white – or any color, really. Because that’s what Halloween is about!
  4. Octopus: Find four pairs of matching tights, plus a shirt and hat to match. Fill three pairs of the tights with some batting from a craft store, and put the other pair on. Secure the filled “octopus legs” to a belt or piece of ribbon and wrap around the wearer’s waist. Then, use some white and black fabric or felt to make large eyes and affix to the hat. Presto! Instant octopus!

For a group

  1. A school of fish: Got a gaggle of friends (or siblings) who want to go trick-or-treating together? Dress them up as a school of fish! For the simple version, take a big T-shirt (or long-sleeved shirt or sweatshirt, depending on what region you’ll be in) and solid colored or shiny leggings. Grab a couple yards of felt or fabric in all different colors to make the scales – and again, shimmery is good! Cut tons of oblong half-circles out and strategically stick them to the shirt using fabric glue or two-sided tape. Get your kids to help create their own masterpiece while enjoying the GOLDEN experience!

For babies

  1. Lobster in a pot: Sure, there’s a lobster costume out there you could probably buy, but you could also just buy your baby an all-red outfit and add a couple of pieces of red fabric or felt in the shape of lobster claws, depending on your craftiness. Add some big fabric eyes on a red hat, toss in a few red pipe cleaner tentacles and you’re all set. Oh, and don’t forget the ginormous silver pot to carry your lobster baby around in! (Tip: Parents or even siblings can join in the costume by dressing up as chefs, with white chef hats and aprons!)

For parents and kids together

  1. Fisherman and a fish: Mom and dad, you’ve got the fisherman part down, right? Some jeans or cargo pants, a T-shirt or plaid shirt and a fishing vest – plus a fishing pole – and you’re good to go. Then dress your little fish up by using the details above in the “school of fish” idea! OR…you could spice things up and do a role reversal! Mom and dad, YOU can be the fish, while your little one is the fisherman (or fisherwoman). How’s that for something to celebrate!

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