It’s a New Year 2017! You’re making goals for yourself, and for your family. If one of those goals is enrolling your little ones in swim lessons, you are on a healthy and fun path.

If you’re looking for a friendly atmosphere, a clean facility, and timely results, go to Goldfish Swim School, said Kim Drouillard, mom to Hannah, 5, and Joshua, 7. And the staff is very friendly!”

The Drouillard family started coming to Goldfish as a part of a New Year’s resolution to get their kids swimming and the results they’ve seen and our everyday WOW! customer service inspires your family’s goals for 2017!

1. Extraordinary results

Joshua and Hannah had been swimming elsewhere, but mom Kim wanted to see more results so they came to Goldfish Swim School in Birmingham, Mich., after hearing good things from fellow parents.

Because at the other places that we were trying, the kids didn’t seem like they were getting anywhere, Kim said. They were doing the same things over and over again. They weren’t progressing.”

Not only does Kim LOVE the results she’s seeing at Goldfish Swim School, but the kids love it, too. Hannah gets excited to get her ribbons when she masters a new skill, which motivates her to work even harder to earn more ribbons the following week!

2. A healthy resolution

So why make swim lessons your family’s New Year’s resolution?

To create a healthy habit, Kim said.

That’s just what her family did. Last January, Hannah and Joshua started their swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School. Hannah wasn’t yet comfortable in the water, and Kim wanted to make sure her little ones knew how to swim, and to be safe in and around the water. Now, Hannah LOVES being in the water and on the days of her lessons, she is so excited that she keeps asking her mom, Is today my swim day?”

Swimming provides plenty of health benefits for kids, so it’s a great resolution to make.

Physical activity is important in any form, Kim said. And swimming is fun!”

3. Teaches kids about setting goals

New Year’s resolutions aren’t just for adults who want to nix some bad habits resolutions are for everyone, even kids. Continually creating goals gives kids something to work toward, and teaches them about searching for ways to improve themselves.

This time of year everyone wants to set goals and resolutions, but if you as a family start something new together you’ll be able to continue it and enjoy it, so you can enjoy the change you’re making, Kim said. It’s good for the family.”

4. More learning

With only four kids maximum per instructor in each class at Goldfish Swim School, kids are more focused when learning how to swim. Here, lessons aren’t just about splashing around in the water. Our instructors use integrity, compassion and trust to teach kids how to swim and important water safety skills. And parents like Kim appreciate that.

We love the smaller number of kids within in each group, Kim said. They get more opportunity in that half hour to swim and practice whatever exercise they’re focusing on.”

As a result, the kids acquire those swim skills more efficiently.

We just wanted our kids to learn to swim, for a life skill, and we feel they’ve gotten that in a short amount of time, Kim said.

5. It fits your schedule

You may be thinking you want to commit to another scheduled activity but we know how life is, and we know that things like illness and vacations come up. That’s why we offer free makeup lessons!

They are very willing to switch our schedule, Kim said. Need to move your class to a different time? No problem! There’s enough classes available during the week that we can make classes up if we are traveling, or our schedule changes. It’s convenient, time-wise, and they work with you.”

It’s true: We want you to have a GOLDEN experience every time, so we’ll do what we can to make things go more smoothly for you.

6. It’s a fun, warm environment

January when everyone makes their New Year’s resolutions can be chilly or downright cold in some parts of the country. But it’s always warm (we’re talking 90-degree water warm) inside Goldfish Swim School!

It’s like bathwater, Kim said. Because no one likes swimming while their teeth are chattering, right? The water is nice and warm, which is good for the kids. It makes them comfortable so they are willing to swim.”

Plus, the entire atmosphere at each Goldfish Swim School location is happy and tropical, which is certainly something to celebrate during winter especially!

It’s colorful and bright, so even at this time of year when it’s dark outside and we don’t get a lot of sun, it’s like sunshine walking into the building, Kim said which helps the kids. They’re self-motivated to swim.”

Sign up for swim lessons today

Fulfill those New Year’s resolutions and sign up your kids for swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School today! Just find a location near you and stop on in or sign up online. Have a great year and discover why families #LOVEGoldfish!