Science Of Swimplay

As parents, we want our kids to be successful in school. At Goldfish Swim School, we have developed a holistic philosophy that helps prepare kids for school. Learning a lifelong skill, having fun AND creating the building blocks for success? Pretty much!

Here are five ways The Science of SwimPlay® helps kids even before they start school. Read on:


Some kids are afraid of taking swim lessons – whether it’s uncertainty about being in the water, nervousness about being away from mom and dad or another reason. And that’s OK. We understand. Our instructors display integrity, compassion and trust to help all kids learn to be comfortable in and around the water, and our SwimPlay philosophy helps kids let go of their fears because they’re just playing (or so they think!). As a result, kids gain confidence in themselves and their abilities. They learn to trust themselves.

Following directions

Mom and dad: Does it ever feel like your kids don’t follow your directions as well as you’d like them to? If so, we’ve got good news for you: swim lessons help to reinforce following directions (and are helpful for kids with ADHD)! When the directions revolve around doing something the right way to get to fun results, it becomes easier. And since there are a bunch of different directions to follow depending on what swim skill is being taught, your kids will get lots of practice at following directions – while playing. Talk about a GOLDEN experience!

Learning new skills

That’s what The Science of SwimPlay® is about: Letting kids learn new skills through playing. Kids have a LOT of skills to learn, and that can seem a bit daunting when it seems like they are always trying something new. Because we teach lifelong swimming and water safety skills in a fun way through SwimPlay, they’ve tried a plethora of new things without even realizing it. And once kids realize the cool swim skills they’ve acquired, they’ll be excited about learning more new skills!

Taking turns

One of the most important aspects of learning in the early years of school comes in the form of social education. Kids who take swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School can start school already knowing what it means to get along with others – because they’ve been taking turns and waiting patiently for the other kids in their class to work on their own swim skills. It may not seem like a big deal, but it’s one of those little things kids learn through The Science of SwimPlay® that we’re pretty sure parents and teachers appreciate!


By learning to swim at Goldfish Swim School, kids see how their practice and persistence pays off – with extraordinary results. They learn to keep trying something, and they can be proud of their efforts (especially when they can celebrate with the award ribbons we give out when skills are achieved!). Best of all, because of The Science of SwimPlay®, they don’t fully realize how hard they are working because they’re just having fun!

Discover The Science of SwimPlay®

Stop in a Goldfish Swim School location near you and find out what makes us the right choice for swim lessons for your child (it’s about way more than just our WOW! customer service). We teach babies as young as 4 months old how to swim, and our pools are always set at a balmy 90 degrees.