You’ve probably received informational brochures in the mail from nearby community swimming pools – whether at the local high school or your town’s civic center – and you may have contemplated signing up your child. The classes may only be a few months in duration, though – and while those are great, the perpetual swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School offer even more benefits to your family, year-round. Here’s why:

1. The teacher knows your child.

Does your young swimmer prefer heaps of praise? A silly reaction? Big hugs? A teacher who has seen your child’s progress knows the best way to provide encouragement, meaning whatever it is that gets your child to work harder to master new swim skills, they’ll go the extra mile. The instructors at Goldfish Swim School use integrity, compassion and trust to provide a GOLDEN experience. They get to know your child and learn the best ways to motivate your goldfish to keep on swimming. And when the swim instructor knows your child’s strengths and weaknesses, it’s that much more efficient to teach your little one these things they should know to do in the water.

2. A planned curriculum.

At community swim programs, consistency isn’t always a priority. But at Goldfish Swim School, we have a proven curriculum that means your child is learning all the key strokes and the same skills that his or her older brother learned in that same class last year. It’s one of the top reasons why Goldfish Swim School is Worth the Money -because the planned curriculum allows for extraordinary results! (Just a part of our everyday WOW! customer service!)

3. A chance for progress.

One of the biggest ways we can encourage progress is by celebrating upon reaching the next level! There are many benefits to advancing a level during swim lessons, and it’s important for kids to realize they are indeed getting better and learning what they are supposed to be learning. Setting – and achieving goals – is huge and you’ll see the pride on your kids’ faces as they advance.

4. Repetition breeds success.

Sometimes in community swim lessons, there may not be enough time to spend on making sure each individual student is grasping the swim skill being taught. That’s why at Goldfish Swim School, we place emphasis on the importance of repetition. Practice makes perfect, and allowing swimmers to constantly repeat the skills they are learning (instead of jumping to the next skill before being fully ready) is a recipe for success.


Seriously, have you been in a community pool lately? Those things are chilly (and rightly so, since the competitive swimmers like it that way). But for children learning important swim skills, that cold water can be a distraction when little teeth are chattering and kids are counting down the minutes until the lesson is over. No worries about that at Goldfish Swim School: Our pools are always a balmy 90 degrees (and so is the air temperature around the pool!).

Goldfish Swim School

Goldfish Swim School has new locations opening all the time, so check out a location near you and sign your kids up for swim lessons today! (And even babies younger than 1 can learn to swim with us!)