You may want to hunker down when the weather turns colder, but the kids still can – and should – be swimming at Goldfish Swim School in winter. Here’s why:

1. Sweater weather is still swimsuit weather at Goldfish Swim School

Just because you’re bundling up the kids doesn’t mean they need to miss out on one of the best things about warm weather: Swimming! We’ve taken special care to make sure you’ll all have a GOLDEN experience and still be comfortable inside at Goldfish Swim School, as part of our WOW! customer service. Little ones won’t be shivering while they swim since our water temperature is ALWAYS set to 90 degrees, as is the air temperature on the pool deck (that’s just one of the cool benefits of learning to swim at Goldfish Swim School!).

Plus, we have hair dryers for swimmers to use after class to avoid heading out into the cold with wet hair, and a bathing suit dryer! We have showers and changing rooms, too, so bundling up and getting ready to go home is much more convenient. (Just some of the ways Goldfish Swim School rocks!)

2. To stay on track

You know when your favorite TV show takes its “winter break” for a few weeks and then you have to watch some old episodes – or just wing it – to refresh your memory when it starts up again? Well, when kids take a break from swimming during winter, they may have to spend some time reminding their muscles what to do as well when they jump back in the water.

Repetition is best when learning any skill, including swimming, so continuing lessons through winter helps kids stay on track with their improvements and see those extraordinary results.

3 Key Reasons Your Kids Should Be Swimming in Winter

3. To keep the kids safe at indoor pools

If you are not heading to the beach anytime soon, you might think the kids don’t need swim lessons. But many families take a vacation that involves an indoor water park or a hotel pool – or maybe you’ll be even heading to the ocean – or your little swimmer may be invited to (or have) a birthday party at Goldfish Swim School!

Swimming is a lifelong, life-saving skill that all kids should have – and lessons are important even if a child “knows” how to swim. During each lesson at Goldfish Swim School, our instructors use integrity, compassion and trust to teach these skills – with special attention to water safety. We want kids to always know how to be safe in and around the water, and teaching these water safety skills each week also helps kids to become better swimmers.

Start swimming at Goldfish Swim School

Thinking about signing the kids up for swim lessons? Goldfish Swim School offers various levels for kids ages 4 months to 12 years old (and yes, even babies can learn how to swim at Goldfish Swim School!). We’ve got locations all over, with new ones popping up all the time, so find a Goldfish Swim School near you and sign up today!