After the rush of back to school and the fun of Halloween, November is the perfect time to slow down, take a breath and think about gratitude. This month, as we celebrate Thanksgiving, we take time to reflect and concentrate on our many blessings.

And it’s simple to implement gratitude into your daily routine. You’ll notice that the more you seek to be thankful, the more you’ll find things to be thankful for!

Here are 10 Things everyone can be thankful for right now:

1. Family time

The hustle and bustle of daily life can be hectic, but that’s exactly what makes family time so special! Take time to notice and appreciate the time you spend together and be in the moment. (Hint: Our Goldfish Swim School Family Swim  is the perfect opportunity to spend some quality family time together!)

2. Learning opportunities

How boring would life be if we never learned anything new? It’s so exciting to learn, whether it’s acquiring knowledge about a particular subject or learning how to do something new, like swimming! Kids should know how to do these 5 things in the water and swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School provide the perfect opportunity!

3. New experiences

Going beyond our normal day-to-day activities makes life more interesting! And when kids experience new things – especially ones that may go out of their typical comfort zone – it’s joyful as a parent to watch them grow. Take the Goldfish Swim Force, for example. Kids learn how to push themselves in a stress-free new experience and you get to be proud of their skills and accomplishments!

4. Changing weather

Bummed about colder temps and snow? Don’t be! The seasonal shift allows us to appreciate how things change. Beautiful fall colors, fun in the snow – and the promise of spring and summer, which gives us something to look forward to and celebrate.

5. Water

Oceans, lakes, beaches and pools, OH MY!   So many things to love about water – from calming spaces to relaxing in front of, to family vacation spots for lots of splashing and swimming! And don’t forget about fun bath time and rain puddles to jump in.

6. Birthdays

Whether it’s now or later, birthdays are always something to be thankful for (even if we’re approaching a number we’d rather not mention!). But birthdays are especially awesome for kids! Not only are there non-toy gifts of experience to be thankful for, but a birthday party at Goldfish Swim School totally ROCKS!

7. Friends

Whether it’s one or 100, friends are instrumental and definitely something to be thankful for every single day. They help us, they laugh with us, they enjoy life with us. They make things better. And new friends, like the parent friends you can make at Goldfish, can share the joy of watching your kids learn how to swim!

8. …and other people who care

It’s not just your friends and family who care! Be thankful for others in your life who are investing in your health and happiness – like your doctors, a neighbor, perhaps your favorite neighborhood barista and us at Goldfish Swim School! Our instructors use integrity, compassion and trust to teach kids how to swim and be safer in and around the water.

9. Healthy activities

Two birds, one stone: A fun activity with health benefits. As parents, we’re always thankful for things that help keep our kids healthy, and when that activity happens to be something fun that the kids enjoy, well…that’s a parenting win! Like swimming, for instance (which provides 5 key benefits for kids).

Goldfish Swim School

Our priority at Goldfish Swim School is to make sure kids know how to swim and be safer in and around the water. We have techniques to help kids with special needs learn how to swim, and swim lessons help kids with ADHD, too!  (Just part of our WOW! customer service!)

But mostly, we’re thankful for YOU!

We do what we do for you and your family! We want you to have a GOLDEN experience every time. Stop in a Goldfish Swim School location near you today and sign up for swim lessons, so your kids can learn a lifelong skill they can be thankful for.