As parents, we want what’s best for our kids-for them to do well in school, make lots of friends and go on to do awesome things as they grow up.

We can’t help but beam with pride when they achieve new skills, because there’s no greater feeling than watching that wave of accomplishment wash over their faces in the form of a smile that says, “Look at me, mom! I did it!”

At Goldfish Swim School, we don’t just teach kids how to swim. For us, it’s all about showing kids they can do anything they put their minds to. Every little dose of achievement creates a ripple effect that leads to a BIG boost in self-esteem.


Young girl jumps into a pool with an awaiting swim instructor

No, seriously! Celebrating is actually one of our core values, and a key part of what makes the Goldfish experience truly Golden!

A few years ago, we made a splash with the rollout of our Monthly Celebrations: 12 fun reasons to celebrate each season. On the surface they might seem like a nice tie-in with popular holidays, but the real purpose goes so much deeper.

It has less to do with a date on the calendar, or a poster on the wall, and everything to do with The Science of SwimPlay®-our unique approach to creating a safe, fun and welcoming environment for children to learn and grow.


Young child hands a water toy over to a swim instructor in the pool

We’re big believers in the power of learning through guided play!

With a little bit of creativity and lots of imagination, our curriculum is designed to help kids develop the courage to jump into new experiences that might otherwise seem challenging. This is how our students are able to pick up new skills so quickly and see extraordinary results, like putting their face in the water, swimming across the width of the pool or learning the butterfly stroke.

Instead of going under water, they’re pretending to be a pirate diving for buried treasure. Gliding across the pool becomes one of their swimming superpowers. Our students have also been known to make fireworks with their feet when practicing their kicks for the Fourth of July. And when it’s St. Patrick’s Day, we make floating fun by looking for rainbows in the sky.

Child retrieves underwater toys in the pool

We’re always looking for creative ways to connect with our swimmers, and our Monthly Celebration themes provide us with plenty of opportunities to do just that.

In addition to incorporating elements of our Monthly Celebrations into class, our instructors also use them as inspiration when interacting with their students.

We realize learning to swim can be frightening, especially for younger students. That’s why our instructors use integrity, compassion and trust when interacting with their swimmers. One of the simplest ways they start to build bonds with new swimmers is by using ice breakers to warm children up to the idea of meeting new people and trying new things. It’s just another special way we incorporate our Monthly Celebrations into our program to make swimming less scary and more fun.



Smiling child holds two ribbons

As a reward for trying their best, we continue to build up our students’ confidence by giving them ribbons when they acquire new skills-because we know, as parents, how much pride you feel watching your kids accomplish something new, and we want to celebrate, too!

We also have themed celebration prizes your child can pick up at the front desk after class so they can keep the celebration going at home.

Many of our schools have also been known to host monthly Family Night Out events as a way to bring their community together and celebrate the spirit of each season with fun crafts and activities that tie in to our Monthly Celebrations. While these special events have temporarily been put on pause during this unique time, we look forward to bringing back this beloved tradition when the time is right.


Earlier this year, we launched Goldfish At Home, a series of fun exercises for kids inspired by the swim skills we teach during lessons.

Each video uses the power of play to provide our swimmers with some extra practice outside the pool! Head over to YouTube to join Miss Jenny and her friends on an adventure, as they use their swim skills to travel around the world, to the moon and more!

Bath time is another great way to help kids become comfortable in the water and reinforce basic skills we practice during swim lessons. Here are some ideas for making bath time an enjoyable learning experience for your kids.

And, don’t forget about our new activity page! To help you make the most of every moment at home with your little ones, we created some free printables we hope will make a splash in your family’s routine!



You’ll see and feel the difference the moment you walk through the door. Every detail of our program was designed to enhance learning, fun and safety so kids build up a love for the water and are excited to come back every week, and we believe one of the best ways we can do that is through celebrations.

Whether it’s finding unique ways to inspire your child during lessons, or our celebration-themed prizes, we know you’re going to love celebrating with us each month. To get in on all the fun, find a Goldfish Swim School near you and sign up for lessons today!