At Goldfish Swim School, we teach kiddos 4 months to 12 years how to be safer in and around the water. That means kiddos, and their families, spend years within our tropical four walls – which means years of enjoying the Golden Experience our crews offer! And what GOLDEN years they are! Through these years, kids aren’t only learning invaluable water safety skills, they’re also making memories, gaining confidence, and building life skills – in and out of the water. While they’re doing so, parents and grandparents get to watch their little swimmers learn and progress through the levels. And our crew members get to be a part of something big and life-changing! Like we said, totally GOLDEN years!
So whether you’re learning, teaching, watching or working, your Golden Years are here!
We’re swimming into 2023 at full speed, ready to help actualize dreams, promote positivity, and provide finspiration throughout the entire year, as a part of our new brand campaign – Their Golden Years Are Here!

We know that our swimmers, families, and team members have big plans for this year – to make big waves in their lives! We’ll provide the paper, you bring the pen! After all, goals are 42% more likely to be accomplished if they’re written down! We’re releasing The Goldfish Golden Years Calendar, a place where little fish, Goldfish families, and team members can write down their monthly manifestations and more. They’ll be a one stop shop for letting manifestations be visible, trackable, and organized! They’ll help our Goldfish families set goals, visualize dreams, celebrate accomplishments and feel finspired – every single month! And, they’ll give our members, communities and team members the chance to WIN BIG!

How to manifest, feel inspired and win:

  1. Ask for your Golden Years Calendar at your local Goldfish Swim School, or download it here!
  2. Start manifesting away! Map out your holiday celebrations, write down monthly goals, and soak up the finspiration from our favorite fish friend, Bubbles!
  3. Share your monthly manifestations (top portion or the calendar with goals!) with us on social media using #GoldfishGoldenYears!
Each month, one winner will be chosen to win a #GoldenYear of free swim lessons for themselves, and a deserving child in their community!
We’ll also be choosing a Goldfish team member every other month to win $1,000 in gold-hard cash to put towards their dreams and goals.
We’ll then of course swim out of 2023 with a splash by awarding not one, but TWO, grand prizes – one to a child and one to a team member. The child’s award package includes $2,023 to be put towards achieving their dreams, one year of free swim lessons and a swag box that perfectly pairs with their dreams. The team members package will be similar, including a cash prize and additionalGolden Gifts – with perhaps a visit from one of our golden buddies, Ryan Murphy or Cullen Jones!
We are so excited to see everyone’s monthly goals, to watch dreams come true, to celebrate THE GOLDEN YEARS, and to help give access to life-saving swim lessons to deserving kiddos across our communities! What a GOLDEN year 2023 will be!