If your children take swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School and progress through the levels, chances are they will encounter multiple instructors along the way. This is a good thing!

Why is there teacher turnover?

You may be used to a traditional school setting, where your child has the same teacher the entire year. Or sports teams where it’s the same coach year after year. Things are a little different at Goldfish Swim School…in a good way.

We want extraordinary results for EVERYONE – including our instructors. This means that often our instructors are also taking college courses and advancing their careers, in and out of Goldfish Swim School. They may have to leave for a semester or alter their schedules, and may not remain at the same time slot as your child’s swimming lesson.

But rest assured, our instructors are all devoted to you and your family while they’re here! Our instructors use integrity, compassion and trust to build a rapport and teach kids how to swim and be safer in and around the water, and their diligence in bettering themselves means they are bringing their best to the table in every area of their lives.

Sometimes this even means turning their passion for teaching kids to swim into their full-time career and opening their own Goldfish Swim School franchise!

Why is this good for kids?

Interacting with new personalities brings great benefits to everyone – especially kids. It teaches them to adapt to new people and situations. It teaches them resilience, and to welcome change. Life lessons can be learned in small ways, and we celebrate them all at Goldfish Swim School!

Having a new instructor also provides new learning opportunities for your child. Maybe the fresh teacher has a different energy level, or words of encouragement, or special bond with your child that allows for a GOLDEN experience.

Sometimes children reach a plateau in their learning and a new instructor may be just what they need to get over that hurdle and advance to the next level.

We know that there are times when having a new instructor can bring about uncertainty, particularly when your child has special needs, but we work with each family and child to ensure the best possible experience.

Swim with us at Goldfish Swim School

Stop in a Goldfish Swim School location near you and sign up your child ages 4 months and older for swim lessons today! Your child will learn a lifelong, lifesaving skill, with a splash of fun – and you’ll see our WOW! customer service is just part of why our families love us.