Some really great things come from Canada: Maple syrup, hockey, poutine. And we’re adding Mike Meilleur, the owner of the new Goldfish Swim School location in Dayton, Ohio to that list. Not only does he have plenty of awesome business leadership experience, but his own kids LOVE Goldfish Swim School (so being a location owner makes perfect sense)! That’s definitely something to celebrate.

The History

Mike worked for Tim Hortons for nearly 21 years before deciding to switch gears and open up the Goldfish Swim School location in Dayton. During his time with Tim Hortons, he opened new restaurants all across the country – Canada, that is – and held a number of positions in the company. He led training for those new restaurants and even led a new initiative for baking across the chain.

Then, almost 12 years ago, Mike came to the United States and continued his work with Tim Hortons. When he first crossed the border, he was in Rhode Island managing restaurants from Erie, Penn. and the East Coast. Then he landed in Columbus, Ohio, and that’s where he was the Executive Vice President of Tim Hortons U.S.A.

Although Mike said he had a “phenomenal career” with Tim Hortons, he decided to embark on a new journey when the company was bought out last year.

“I decided it was time to move on, and that was the catalyst for me to leave and look for a new opportunity,” Mike said.

The Goldfish Swim School Experience

Special thanks go out to Mike’s children (Zachary, who is almost 3; and Ella, who is 5) for helping him become part of the Goldfish family. Why? Well, Mike’s wife had been taking the kids to swim lessons at the Goldfish Swim School in Dublin, Ohio, for a few months – and then Mike was finally able to make it to see them in action. He was blown away!

Mike and his wife were amazed at how well-run the business is – especially the WOW! customer service. One instance that stood out was watching a child who was a little nervous to be in the pool and away from his parents. Seamlessly, another Goldfish Swim School instructor jumped in to console the child and brought him to a different lane so the lesson could continue. And, wouldn’t you know it, by the end of the lesson, the child was back in class and having a great time! How’s that for extraordinary results?

But why become part of the Goldfish family?

“What really resonates with me doing in-water lessons is you’re really making a difference in a child’s life by teaching them to be safer in and around the water,” Mike said.

So, Mike dove in and learned everything about Goldfish to be able to give swimmers and their families a GOLDEN experience – even going through the entire training program so he could be a certified lifeguard! Mike brings integrity, compassion and trust to the table, which is why we’re proud to have him as the owner of the Dayton location.

The Future

Through Mike’s work with Tim Hortons, he knows the Dayton area well. He is looking forward to becoming part of the community and being able to give back.

“My wife and I are excited to be part of this really phenomenal brand,” Mike said. “You’re making a difference in kids’ lives and offering an experience that really isn’t available in the marketplace.”

Sign Up For swim lessons

You can register your little ones online now for swim lessons at the Dayton location, or you can search for the location nearest you. And make sure to Like Goldfish Swim School – Dayton on Facebook to keep up with all the latest news and as it embarks on it’s opening journey!