Minorities have increased rates of drowning, but how can we change that statistic?

The statistics are scary but can’t be argued with. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, drowning instances are higher for individuals who are not Caucasian:

  • American Indians and Alaska natives have a drowning rate twice that of Caucasians
  • African-Americans have a drowning rate 1.4 times that of Caucasians

But we can change the statistics! In some cases, the statistics are what they are because certain groups may be around natural bodies of water more predominantly than those who are landlocked, so drowning is more of a possibility. Other times it may be because swimming skills are limited.

At Goldfish Swim School we want EVERYONE to be safer in and around the water – regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, location, etc. Here are some ways we work to make that possible:

Bringing Goldfish Swim School to Schools

In areas or societal groups where swimming isn’t as prevalent, it’s still imperative to teach children about how to be safer in and around the water. Just as children learn how to stop, drop, and roll (a simple fire safety technique), they need to learn about what to do in a possible water emergency – and how to prevent one. That’s why we bring our W.A.T.E.R. Safety Program to schools, community groups and more around the country — FOR FREE.

Becoming an Instructor

We encourage EVERYONE who has a passion for swimming and children to apply to become one of our team members, and to celebrate and spread the word about how important it is to learn how to swim.

Providing FREE swim lessons

We’ve partnered with the USA Swimming Foundation’s “Make A Splash” campaign to ensure every child can learn this lifesaving skill, and our “Float it Forward” fundraising initiative raises funds to provide grants for children across the country to be able to have swim lessons.

Encouraging Competitive Swimming

For some, swim lessons may seem unnecessary. Perhaps there’s no lake or ocean nearby, or the weather doesn’t really call for outdoor swimming. But swimming is much more than just a lifelong skill – it’s an exciting sport on its own, and it helps ALL athletes improve. And, our own Swim Force Swim Team provides a fun way for children to get started with competitive swimming and have a GOLDEN experience in the water!

Sign up for swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School

Stop in a Goldfish Swim School location near you and sign up your child for swim lessons today! Our WOW! customer service, along with our Treasure Island Swim Shop – which sells goggles, swim caps and more necessities – are just two reasons why you’ll love Goldfish Swim School. Oh, and our pool water is always set at 90 degrees, so there’s that, too!