Your child knows how to swim, so he or she doesn’t need to take swim lessons anymore, right? Nope! Just because your little one knows how to hold their breath underwater and do some swim strokes doesn’t mean he or she won’t benefit from continuing swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School!

Chances are you enrolled your kids in swim lessons to get them acclimated to the water (even before age 1) and learn the basics. But even once they’ve learned skills in our Junior and Glider classes, keeping them in our Pro Level classes and Swim Force swim team provides greater benefits – such as:

Being a stronger, safer swimmer

There will be a time when your child is not being watched intently while swimming. Maybe it will be at a birthday party when you’re not there. Or maybe it will be a summer day at the beach.

Whenever it happens, you can rest assured that because your child kept up swim lessons, he or she will be stronger and able to be safer in and around the water – partly because of the skills practiced repeatedly during perpetual lessons, but partly because our instructors use integrity, compassion and trust to teach water safety during each and every lesson.

Kids need swim lessons even if they “know” how to swim, and continuing those lessons means they can be even stronger and safer in the water.

Progression in swimming

In our Pro Level swim classes, we focus on helping your child master unassisted swim skills. They’ll be swimming farther, and for longer periods of time. This helps to build confidence and providing a sense of pride in the skills they are learning and accomplishing.

Plus, continuing swim lessons in our Pro Level and on our Swim Force swim team gives kids an edge if they’d like to continue swimming on a competitive level at high school and college levels. Or, maybe even the Olympics! But even if being in the Olympics isn’t their goal, kids who love being in the water can take that and use it for their careers!

Building cardio and muscle strength

Swimming is a sport that exercises every muscle group while building cardio strength. It also remains one of the core building blocks to physical activity. This translates to better endurance and stamina – and actually sets the stage for extraordinary results in any other sport!

On our Swim Force swim team, kids are generally separated by ability and can work that much harder to increase their muscle strength while working out each week. And they’ll have plenty of reasons to celebrate when it comes to the quarterly swim meets where they can put their swim skills to use!

How to “talk” your child into staying in swim lessons

Point out the benefits – in kidspeak.

Kids want to be stronger and better all-around – and independent – so pointing out how being a proficient swimmer achieves that helps them want to stay swimming even when they “know” how to swim.

  • Less hovering. The more confident you are in their abilities, the less they’ll have to deal with mom or dad being right next to them every second. You’ll still be there, but to them it won’t seem like you’re “hovering.”
  • Stronger around friends. Being a strong swimmer is cool and all, but most of their daily life with friends isn’t spent in the water. But strong swimming skills translates into strength throwing a baseball or football and agility running or playing on the playground.
  • Fun in the water. The longer your child continues swimming, the more he or she will be able to do…when it comes to going to waterparks, pool parties, vacations and more. Jumping in the deep end, diving underwater for ring toys, racing friends and having fun in the water goes beyond swimming laps for them, so they’ll have more ability to do so.

Sign up for swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School

Children ages 4 months to 12 years old benefit from swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School, so stop in a location near you to sign up today! Our WOW! customer service is just one of the reasons your family will have a GOLDEN experience with us.