Whether you’re a newbie or a longtime member, you may have noticed that we LOVE to celebrate at Goldfish Swim School. So, forgive us if we seem a little giddy; it’s just that we are SO excited to introduce something BRAND NEW at Goldfish – our Monthly Celebrations!

These new Monthly Celebrations give us an opportunity to connect with your little swimmer in fun, creative ways in and out of the pool. So, whether it’s through finding unique ways to inspire your child in lessons, new twists on our Family Swim Events or – and this is the best part – brand new Celebration-themed prizes including bath toys, posters, tattoos and ribbons, we know you’re going to LOVE celebrating with us each month. Keep reading to learn about the first 6 months of Celebrations at Goldfish!

January – Celebrate the New Year!

We celebrated a new year of swimming at Goldfish with a bang! During the month, we focused on setting and achieving goals and resolutions. In lessons, our instructors encouraged your little one to “make fireworks” with their feet during kicks or “gather confetti” during pulls. If you came to the Family Swim, we hope you enjoyed the balloon drop and party favors given out!

February – Celebrate Love & Friendship!

February is all about celebrating kindness and the bonds that develop during swim lessons. It’s also about one of our favorite holidays – Valentine’s Day! We’ll encourage our swimmers to high five each other during lessons or “look for Cupid” during the Octopus and Sea Otter Float. The love will be felt during our Family Swim Event as well; you might get to eat a heart shaped pizza or create some lovely Valentine’s cards!

Celebrate Love And Friendship

March – Celebrate the Colors of the Rainbow!

March is all about your little swimmer’s favorite color, as well as the luckiest of all holidays – St. Patrick’s Day! In lessons, you may see your little fish “diving for coins” while they dive for rings or “look up for the rainbows in the sky” while performing a Sea Otter Float. If you join us for our Family Swim Event, you may experience a “lucky” raffle drawing or rainbow craft station!

Bubbles Celebrates The Rainbow

April – Celebrate Nature!

This month we’ll focus on promoting understanding of nature and the environment, paying respect to what allows us to do what we do every day – water! You may see your Mini-swimmer experiencing some “April showers” while conditioning in the pool or your Junior-aged fish putting on their “binoculars” (we mean goggles) before they go under water. If you venture out to our Family Swim Event, you might experience an animal mask craft station or a scavenger hunt around the school!

May – Celebrate Water Safety!

Teaching your children how to be safer in and around the water is always our number one priority, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun while doing it! Pay extra special attention to lessons this month while we show your little one how to “get their hard hat” while they dive for rings or “climb the firefighter ladder” while climbing out of the pool. May 20th is our Water Safety Awareness Event* where we’ll have food and fun activities at our school that help remind us all how important water safety is.

*At participating locations only

Celebrate Water Safety

June – Celebrate Animals!

What child doesn’t love animals? We know we do (hello, Bubbles)! In lessons, you may see us encouraging your swimmer to “blow bubbles like a fish,” “gather all the food for the animals” during pulls or “glide like a Flying Squirrel” while they Superman Glide. If you swim on over to our Family Swim Event you may experience a traveling petting zoo, free animal crackers or an animal mask craft station!

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And don’t forget to check back in July to find out about the next 6 months of Monthly Celebrations! Until then, we’ll be celebrating with you and your little fish in the pool!