At Goldfish Swim School, we know that kiddos learn best when they’re having fun! It’s why parents use sensory tables in their childrens’ playroom, why teachers use fun props and toys in their classroom, and why we developed our unique play-based curriculum, The Science of SwimPlay®!

Q: What is the Science of SwimPlay®?

A: The Science of SwimPlay® is the combination of guided play and a safe environment – which science shows as the two things that help little ones build upon their cognitive growth! This holistic swim philosophy helps swimmers build life skills – both in and out of the water! The best part is – they’re having fun while doing it! We use guided play to teach swimmers the skills they need to be safer in and around the water. The result? Confident, strong, smiling swimmers – who have the platform to make BIG waves – in the pool, and in life!!

Q: How does Goldfish create a safe environment for children to learn? One half of the Science of SwimPlay®!

A: Safety for us, first and foremost, is always focused on, ensuring that children are physically safe – this is the #1 priority for all Goldfish Swim Schools. This is why the schools have lifeguards on duty at all times while children are in the water, scanning the pool and ensuring everyone is physically safe. While physical safety is our first priority, we also know that creating a safe environment means going beyond the physical! Safety also means that kiddos can feel safe, and a lot of the time, that comes from the environment and the people in it!

Our schools are designed intentionally with this goal of safety in mind. We’ve used tropical decor that creates a vacation-like environment for our members – who doesn’t love a good tropical vacation?! We’ve also set our pools to a shiver-free 90-degrees, so when anyone is in the water, they can feel comfortable and relaxed, and able to focus on learning and having fun!

Additionally, all instructors at Goldfish Swim School use Integrity, Compassion and Trust as they work with each child that comes into our schools. They’re fintastic at calming crying kiddos that are worried about being away from their parents, superheroes while helping children with special needs, and rockstars at guiding fearful, worrisome first-time swimmers. All of the schools dedicate a great deal of time and effort when it comes to training their team to be sure they’re the best teachers (and fun-providers) they can be!

Q: So, what about the other half of the Science of SwimPlay®? What is guided play and how is it used?

A: Guided play is exactly what it sounds like! It’s essentially playing – with some help from the swim instructor! We show kiddos (and parents in our Mini classes!) different movements, techniques and skills to work on as they play with our super fun swim props. Most importantly, our curriculum is built in a way that kiddos don’t even realize how much they’re learning! Now that’s some serious fun!

Q: How does the Science of SwimPlay® help kids?

A: All things have a purpose! The Science of SwimPlay® provides endless value to swimmers. For those that are a bit afraid of or nervous about being in the water, The Science of SwimPlay® helps them build confidence! Throwing in a fun swim prop and playing a game can help their nerves float away and help them gain confidence in the water. They also learn to follow directions as they hear from instructors and get to practice different skills. Another major one – they learn how to take turns and stay persistent! With our 4:1 class ratios, swimmers get to take turns practicing skills and playing with swim props. While taking turns, kiddos get to watch others their age work through each skill – and learn from it! They’re also building their socialization skills, forming relationships with their instructors and swim buddies! 

Q: How can I dive in?!

A: Our schools will be so excited to see you at the pool! Visit our website and find your nearest location to grab your spot on their swim lesson schedule. Thanks to our perpetual lessons model, you can get enrolled and start swimming soon!

Remember to take lots of pictures of those smiles that come across your swimmers face, and share them with us using #goldfishswimschool, so that we can follow along and celebrate your swimmer’s Extraordinary Results with you!