At Goldfish, we believe learning should be fun. That’s why we developed the Science of SwimPlay®, our unique approach to play-based learning that helps kids build life skills in, and out of, the water. 

We miss seeing all of our little fish at the pool each day and can’t wait to dive right back in with all of our Goldfish families when the time is right. Until then, we’ve compiled a list of activities we hope will make a splash in your family’s routine and help you make the most of this time at home with your little ones. 

Let’s jump in!

Have Some Goldfish Fun From Home

Since you can’t come to us right now, we thought we’d bring some Goldfish fun to you!

Printable Activity Sheets

Head over to our activity page to access an array of screen-free activities, like coloring sheets, crossword puzzles, games and more! We even have a letter template your family can use to send thoughtful notes to loved ones, and a daily activity tracker so kids can create a list of everything they’re going to do to make each day awesome.

We’ll be adding more activity pages over the next few weeks. Be sure to check back often-and don’t forget to share your child’s creations with us! Tag us on Facebook or Instagram using #GoldfishSwimSchool for a chance to have your child’s artwork featured.

At-home Swimming Skills

Looking for ways to help your kids stay up with their swimming skills? We have some ideas that can help! Not only can your kids continue practicing their swim skills on dry land, these bath time activities are a great way for your little ones to practice some essential swim skills at home:

  • Blowing bubbles: It’s one of the first skills we work on at Goldfish Swim School: Breath control. Blowing bubbles is a fun way to help your kids get more comfortable putting their face in the water while learning some basic breath control skills. During bath time, encourage your child to slowly blow air out of their nose and mouth as they put their faces to the water. Once they’re more comfortable with that, let them put their face underwater to blow even bigger bubbles – and celebrate their progress!
  • Goggles: It may seem a bit silly to wear goggles in the bath – and that’s half the fun of it – but it also helps your child to clearly see what’s underwater…and become more comfortable with it, too. 
  • Conditioning: We use the term “conditioning” at Goldfish Swim School to talk about familiarizing your child with the feeling of water on their face and eyes. To practice this skill at home, simply use a plastic cup and gently pour water over your child’s arm by saying their name, then “Ready Go!” Once your child is comfortable with having water poured over their arm, use the same approach to gently pour water over their head. By making it fun and repeating this skill during bath time, you will help your child become more comfortable with the sensation of having water on their face. 

Other Educational Play Resources You Can Find Online

We’re not the only ones thinking of fun ways to help families during these unchartered times. With the help of technology, companies are finding new ways to keep families learning, laughing and connecting. Here are just a few of the fun activities we’ve seen floating around online:

  • Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems: Grab some paper and pencils, pens, or crayons and join children’s book author Mo Willems for an art lesson during lunch! New episodes will be posted each weekday at 1:00 PM Eastern
  • Cincinnati Zoo Home Safari: The zoo may be closed, but your kids can still learn about their favorite animals without leaving the house. The Cincinnati Zoo is hosting “Home Safaris” each day at 3 PM Eastern on Facebook Live.
  • Cosmic Yoga: Start each morning with Cosmic Kids yoga to help everyone get centered for the day. Each 15-minute-long video features a cute theme and simple yoga moves that are great for toddlers and older kids alike
  • Celebrity Story Time: Check out Storyline Online’s digital library for a special story time with celebrities like Oprah, Eva Longoria, Betty White and more! Frozen star Josh Gad (Olaf) is also reading to kids on Twitter. Here’s how your family can get in on the fun
  • National Geographic Kids: Explore the world without leaving home with a little help from National Geographic Kids. From animals and geography to science, nature, and history, there are so many amazing facts just waiting to be discovered.

Until we swim again

We can’t wait to jump back into the pool with you again soon. When it’s safe to do so, stop by a Goldfish Swim School location near you. We’ll be waiting with open fins and the WOW! customer service you count on.