We know you’re focusing on watching your child learn to swim at Goldfish Swim School and celebrating those extraordinary results each week, but we have a few Goldfish hacks that may make your visit a little bit easier.

1. Bring a bathing suit cover up.

If you’re going to be arriving early to class and spending some time in our awesome kids play area, put a bathing suit cover up on your little one – and yourself! Moms, if you’re heading in the water with your little one and you have your bathing suit on, a bathrobe or bathing suit cover up can help you walk around more freely, since you will be ready to swim as soon as that door opens (Although one of the perks of being at Goldfish Swim School is our 90-degree water and 92-degree air temperature on the deck, so you’ll be warm!). And it’s especially helpful to wear after class when you’re tending to your little one while getting ready to leave.

2. Bring your own shampoo, conditioner and body wash.

Your kids are already doing at least a quick rinse-off once they get out of the pool, right? Save time by showering your kids after their swimming lesson. Heading out to a birthday party after class? No problem. Going to visit grandma and grandpa? No problem. Going to bed after? No problem! You’ll have all your shower stuff there, so just lather ’em up and you’re good to go.

3. Bring pajamas.

Yeah, we said it. If you have a late swimming class, bring your child’s pajamas and get him or her ready for bed at Goldfish Swim School. We’re all about being efficient (just part of our WOW! customer service!), so why change your little one more than necessary? And we won’t judge if your child’s swim class isn’t quite so late and you’re bringing those pajamas anyway.

4. Skip the socks.

Wrangling little feet, finding matching socks, getting them right side out, putting them on…sometimes it can be a big, long step in getting ready for swim class. So, just skip the socks. In the winter, many kids’ boots are lined for warmth so just stick their feet in there and rush to the car. In summer, flip-flops it is. You’re welcome.

5. Wear rain boots, Mom and Dad.

Helping your little one shower is super easy if you’re coming out of the pool, too. But if you’re not in swim attire, you may not be ready for the splash area that is our showers. Wear your rain boots, sandals or other waterproof shoes to help you creep closer to help your child in the shower.

6. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

We know it’s hard to cart little ones around and be prepared for everything that may come your way. We know there are days you may forget something important for swim class – so don’t sweat it, because we’ve got your back. You can purchase items you may forget (like a swim diaper, bathing suit, goggles, earplugs or a towel) and even more at our Treasure Island Pro Shop. We want you to have a GOLDEN experience, every time.

Goldfish Swim School makes swimming fun!

If you haven’t already signed up your little ones (ages 4 months and older!)  for swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School, now’s the perfect time! Find a place to swim near you and call us today to register. Or stop by and see how our instructors use integrity, compassion and trust to teach your kids how to swim.