You already know that Goldfish Swim School teaches kids how to swim and do other important things in the water, but did you know that your kids will learn other valuable life lessons as well? It’s true! Here are a few:

1. Perseverance

Learning to swim can be a little frustrating for young kids – especially as they discover they can’t swim all the way across the pool on their first try. They may feel it is too hard or that they’ll never be able to do it – but that’s the good thing about learning at Goldfish Swim School! Our instructors use integrity, compassion and trust with each child during lessons to help your little ones persevere and grow as swimmers each week.

Once kids see that with a little hard work and determination they are able to get closer to swimming across the pool, they’ll discover that the same thing applies to other aspects of their lives: All they have to do is keep trying and persevere and they’ll start seeing those extraordinary results.

2. Listening to teachers

Even before kids are enrolled in preschool, they can start learning how to listen to and take directions from adults other than Mom and Dad (because yes, even your babies younger than 1 can start swimming at Goldfish Swim School!). Experiencing what it’s like to be with other adults and without Mom and Dad next to them – but still nearby – while swimming helps kids transition with ease into the whole school routine of listening to teachers. That means an easier transition for them AND you, Mom and Dad.

3. Being on time

You may think that preschoolers and toddlers don’t know how to tell time, so this won’t affect you – but ALL kids will absolutely learn what it means to be on time to swim lessons! Think about it this way: It takes your little one say, oh, about 30 minutes to put shoes and socks on while you are prodding and cajoling the entire time, talking about how you’re going to be late (we’ve all been there).

When you arrive and the other kids are already in their lanes, your little one will definitely understand what it means to be on time – since now they’ll have to walk to class while everyone else is already swimming. And, maybe, they’ll use their manners and apologize to their teacher for being late (wishful thinking?!). Then, next week, all you’ll have to do is remind your swimmer what happened when you were late the previous week and you will celebrate how quickly you’ll be out the door.

4. Waiting your turn

The class sizes at Goldfish Swim School have a maximum of four children (which allows for some WOW! customer service!), but that still means kids have to take turns. This is a great opportunity for our students to learn to sit on the bench and not be silly while the instructor is teaching another child (and if your special needs child has trouble taking turns, we can help!). Having kids learn how to wait patiently and take turns is certainly something that improves over the years, but it’s a great starting point to have them learn to take turns in a fun environment at Goldfish Swim School!

5. Meeting new kids and teachers

Although the kids in your child’s swim class may remain the same for a few months, chances are there will be some kids who leave to move up a level and new kids who will join the class in their place – or your child will move to a new class with a new teacher. This slight transition helps your children meet new friends at an easy pace – which prepares kids for what it’s like to meet new buddies at school in the years to come.

Goldfish Swim School

Have your kids learned so much more than “just” how to swim at Goldfish Swim School! They’ll have a GOLDEN experience, so be sure to find the location near you and sign up today.