Oh, the weather outside is frightful…but that isn’t a good enough excuse to take a break from swim lessons for your kids! Believe us when we say that Goldfish Swim School is the perfect activity to keep the kids in all winter long. What better place than a warm, tropical pool is there when it’s freezing outside?

We know it’s tempting, but here are

4 “It’s Winter” Excuses for Stopping Swim Lessons, Busted:

1. It is too cold out.

It’s never cold inside at Goldfish Swim School! If you have a toddler or preschooler, you know the great feat that is bundling them up to go somewhere in the winter. It’s a lot of effort sometimes, but when they’re piling on the layers to head to swim lessons, the struggle is well worth the reward! Why? Well, not only does swimming provide great health benefits and use up energy, but they’ll have a golden experience in a 90-degree pool environment – year-round! Swim lessons aren’t seasonal; neither is our thermostat. That means the water is always set at 90 degrees and the air temperature around the pool is also 90 degrees.

2. They’ll catch a cold.

Do you equate venturing out into the cold in the winter with catching a cold? Well, pulling the kids from swim lessons when the temperature drops isn’t actually helping. What helps keep kids healthy? Eating right and exercising! That’s right, bringing the kids to Goldfish Swim School every week for swim lessons helps keep the colds away! Physical activity builds the immune system. Colds are from germs; when kids exercise and eat right, they’ll stay healthier. Oh, and Goldfish Swim School also has a few hair dryers for the kids to use after lessons – so there goes the thinking that going out with wet hair immediately brings on illness.

Wet hair and catching a cold are NOT reasons to let your kid quit swim lessons (neither are these).

3. I need to save money around the holidays.

Money is often tight around the holidays, which is understandable. You’re out buying loved ones some pretty fantastic gifts while looking for deals along the way – and you don’t want to just throw your money out the window, right? Well, taking a couple months off from swimming is pretty much just like tossing out your hard-earned dollars. All that time and money you’ve invested in swim lessons is gone when your kids take a “break” because they can lose progress. Invest in their lessons over the winter and watch them continue to get better and better, without having to repeat any lessons, which is always a good investment. (There are scientific benefits to swimming all year, too!)

4. They’ll pick up where they left off.

Think about it: When you’re learning a new skill and you take a break, it takes a little while when you start up again to regain your pre-break level. The same thing happens with kids if they take a break from swim lessons. Eagerly anticipating extraordinary results? No one is going to come back from a winter of no swimming and suddenly celebrate and be a better swimmer than they were before – and they likely won’t even be at the same level they were before the break. The whole start, stop, start, stop routine is pretty inefficient, whether you’re dealing with swim lessons, piano, tying shoes, etc. Why stop something that can save your child’s life?

Goldfish Swim School

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