Summer is something kids love to celebrate – but sometimes it gets a little hot, even for them. Luckily summer is all about swimming and finding ways to enjoy the sunshine. When things really heat up outside, try one of these 10 Ways Kids Can Have Fun and Stay Cool in the Summer:

1. Set up a slip and slide.

Don’t have one of the name brand store-bought ones? No problem: Make your own! Get a large plastic sheet, tarp or whatever you may have in the garage that is suitable, and set it up – preferably on a slight incline and within reach of a garden hose. Drizzle some dish soap on it and squirt it down with the hose and let the fun begin!

2. Play in the snow.

Have you had a makeshift beach party in your living room during the winter to beat cabin fever? Well, it’s time to turn the tables and have a snow party instead! Make your own snow by dumping out 2 16-ounce boxes of corn starch into a large container safe for kids to use – then squirt in a can of white foam shaving cream and let the kids mix it together! Add more cornstarch and dollar store shaving cream as needed, or if you have a large group of kids (and add in glitter if you’re feeling brave).

Pro tip: Use an old toy water table or sand box and put an old sheet or towels underneath for easier cleanup.

3. Wash the family car together.

Two birds, one stone. Or maybe even three or four birds: Stay cool, have fun, clean the car – and spend quality family time together. Sounds like a memorable and productive way to spend a summer afternoon and stay cool, no?

4. Have a water balloon toss.

Have the kids fill tons of balloons with water, just like you did when you were little. Depending on how many kids there are, you can set up different water balloon games. Divide everyone into pairs standing about 3 feet apart and have one person toss a water balloon to their teammate. After each successful toss, that person takes one step back – and play ends when only one team has their water balloon still intact. If there are an odd number of kids, have them all stand in a circle and do a water balloon version of hot potato – and the person who drops the balloon and breaks it is then out, until only one person is left.

Oh, yeah – parents, you can play, too!

5. Make soft sponge bombs.

Those colorful kitchen sponges that come in a multi-pack are great for more than just cleaning: Cut them into strips and tie them together, then soak them in water and they turn into fun sponge balls! They’re soft and easy to grab – plus they don’t break like water balloons can – so they’re great for even little kids.

6. Go swimming

Whether it’s rainy or so blazing hot outside that everyone is at the beach or community pool, head to your nearest Goldfish Swim School and stay cool in our indoor pool that still feels like you’re outdoors (even if you’re not a member). You can play pool games, take lessons, or swim together as a family. Plus, with our dedicated instructors who use integrity, compassion and trust to teach kids how to swim and stay safe in the water, your kids will experience extraordinary results and have a GOLDEN experience (how’s that for some WOW! customer service?).

7. Make your own slushies

How about a frozen drink to cool everyone down? All you need is water, ice, Kool-Aid and a blender. Put 1 cup of water and 1 cup of ice in your blender and add ½ cup of Kool-Aid, then simply blend away! You can add more or less water and ice until it reaches your desired consistency.

8. Make ice pops.

Sure, you can always have a stack of freeze pops or other ice pops on hand for the kids – but making your own is way more engaging! Buy an ice pop holder (or use a small paper cup), fill it with your ingredients such as yogurt, juice or pureed fruit and fruit chunks and pour it in the mold. Insert a stick and freeze until solid.

9. Pull out the sprinklers.

Never underestimate the power of a well-placed sprinkler in the yard! Hours of fun…plus it’s doing double duty by watering your thirsty grass. For even more fun, join two different types of sprinklers with a hose connector and let kids alternate running through both kinds of spray patterns.

10. When in doubt, splurge on some ice cream

What’s summer without ice cream? Make a special treat out of heading to the local ice cream parlor with the family and have everyone pick out their favorite flavor.

Stop by Goldfish Swim School

A surefire way to stay cool this summer is to spend time in a pool – so stop by a Goldfish Swim School location near you and sign up for swim lessons for all the kids in the family ages 4 months and older!