Poop in the Pool: Why we close, what we do to clean things up, and how you can help us prevent pool closures

Oh, poop. The dreaded email. Your child’s swim lesson has been canceled because of a bathroom incident in the Goldfish Swim School pool and you now have to schedule a makeup lesson. We know it’s frustrating, but unfortunately, accidents do happen – e

Follow your Heart: How a former Goldfish Swim Instructor turned her High School Passion into her Dream-Come-True

If there is one thing Dana Christ knows how to do, it’s swim. And also, follow her heart. Those two things have led her to a career that she says is fulfilling, joy-filled and something she feels called to do. Dana, who is 29, recently opened a Goldfish

Sports, Clubs and Lessons, Oh My! Is your child in too many activities?

With school back in full swing, chances are your child has joined – or asked to join – a sports team, club or activity. Whether it’s swim team, chess club, student council or drama class, there are more activities and extracurriculars than ever for

It’s National School Success Month: How to help your child set and achieve goals in and out of the water!

Gooooooaaaaalllllsssss! Whether your child has dreams of playing in the World Cup, becoming a paleontologist, making millions as a YouTuber or something else, chances are she has a goal and you’ve heard about it. Goals are great and young children can set,