Make a Splash in Your Family Routine!

Download & Print these FUN Goldfish Activities

At Goldfish, we believe kids learn best when they’re having fun. To help you make the most of every moment at home with your little ones, we created some fun activities we hope will make a splash in your family’s routine! So, turn off the TV, put away the phone and swap an hour of screen time for some tech-free ways to keep your kids entertained.

We’ll be adding more activity pages over the next few weeks. Be sure to check back often—and don’t forget to share your child’s creations with us! Tag us on Facebook or Instagram using #GoldfishSwimSchool for a chance to have your child’s artwork featured.

What is The Science of SwimPlay®?
The Science of SwimPlay® is our holistic swim school philosophy that develops life skills in and out of the water in our one-of-a-kind, play-based learning environment. We’re proud to have taken everything that’s scientifically proven to help kids learn, including achievements, safe environments, fun and guided play, and packaged it up into one experience. Through swim lessons that are rooted in The Science of SwimPlay®, we’re able to provide kids with all of the tools they need to boost their cognitive development while learning important life skills.
What does science have to do with swim lessons?
We’re happy you asked! Let us be the first to say that you can leave your scientific measuring tools at home. Goldfish Swim School uses proven research to create a unique swim experience and class curriculum to help maximize your child’s cognitive development, both in and out of the water. Decades of scientific studies show that the most optimal way for kids to learn is through guided play because it provides a solid foundation for emotional and intellectual growth in regards to problem-solving skills, creativity and academic knowledge. Everything we do at Goldfish Swim School is backed by this science, which is why we’ve decided to call it The Science of SwimPlay®. Your child may just appear to be having fun, but a lot more is happening beneath the surface during swim lessons and swim programs. Our trusted instructors and team members work to boost our students’ development by celebrating every achievement they make on an individual level. Our training methods allow your family to focus on fun while we make sure that your swimmer is doing some serious learning.
How was the Goldfish Swim School philosophy developed?
Stimulating environments are significantly beneficial to a child’s cognitive development. Studies show that children learn important life skills when they are safe, supervised and able to explore, discover and solve problems in their environment. This principle is the baseline we’ve used to engineer our award-winning tropical facilities, train our instructors and guide our curriculum.

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