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Indoor Swimming Lessons for Kids in Overland Park, KS

Where Swimming Lessons Are Fun for Everyone from Overland Park, Leawood, Prairie Village, and Surrounding Areas

Goldfish Swim School in Overland Park, KS, offers top-quality swimming lessons for children not only in Overland Park but also from surrounding areas of Leawood, Prairie Village, Kansas City, and more local communities. With the belief that every child should learn how to swim and be safe around water, Goldfish Swim School has created a unique swimming program that is designed to not only teach children how to swim but also develop their cognitive skills and water safety knowledge. This program is known as the Science of SwimPlay curriculum, and it is the core curriculum that our swim instructors teach at Goldfish Swim School – Overland Park.

Swim Lessons Designed for Different Ages and Abilities

At Goldfish Swim School, children as young as 4 months old can begin their journey of learning how to swim. The program is open to children up to 12 years old, ensuring that children of all ages have the opportunity to learn and improve their swimming abilities. Goldfish Swim School understands that every child is different, which is why their curriculum is designed to allow children to progress through swim levels at their own pace. This not only ensures that children are learning at a comfortable pace but also helps build their confidence and motivation.

Our Golden Instruction Experience

One of Goldfish Swim School’s key features is our small class sizes. With a maximum student-to-teacher ratio of 4:1, every child receives personalized attention and guidance from their instructor. This ensures that children are learning in a safe and supportive environment and allows for a more hands-on learning experience. The low student-to-teacher ratio also helps children progress faster, achieve more in their swimming lessons, and celebrate their achievements, too!

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Why Do So Many Parents & Kids Love Goldfish Swim Lessons?

We understand that families have busy schedules, which is why we offer flexible class times. Whether it’s in the morning, afternoon, or evening, Goldfish Swim School has classes available to fit even the busiest families’ schedules. This allows children to attend swimming lessons at a time that works best for them and their families, ensuring that they never miss out on the opportunity to learn and improve their swimming abilities.

Perpetual Children’s Swim Lessons All Year Long

In addition to flexible class times, we also offer year-round swimming lessons. This means that children can continue their lessons throughout the year rather than just during the summer months. Consistency in learning is key, and year-round lessons help children retain their progress and improve even more.

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