In the months following the COVID lockdowns last March, our extracurricular and lesson activities dwindled to zero. Nothing felt safe enough nor worth the risk. After a few summer visits to the pool where my kids both demonstrated their complete lack of swimming ability however, I decided it was time to revisit swim lessons.

I had heard nothing but wonderful things about Goldfish Swim School but was skeptical for two reasons – past experiences at similar types of schools, and most importantly, COVID precautions. I called to schedule a tour to check it out.

From the moment we walked in the door, we could tell Goldfish had such a positive atmosphere. The sweet ladies at the front desk were genuinely happy to see us and greeted us as we walked in. The atmosphere was also calm. I loved this! In the past, I have felt so frazzled by the lack of space, noise, and general vibe at other swim locations. This was not the case here and I was immediately relaxed and relieved by this tropical oasis themed environment!

With regard to my concerns over COVID precautions, here too, the team at Goldfish thought of everything, and had it all diligently covered! Everything was visibly spaced out to allow for adequate social distancing. The staff did a great job of ensuring everyone was participating in wearing masks or face shields. The communal play items had been temporarily removed and in their place a Disney Junior watch area had been installed to keep little ones entertained while waiting for their lesson time or their siblings. The waiting area (with awesome visibility!) had spaced out chairs. Employees were cleaning chairs, door and shower handles, as well as equipment throughout the facility in between groups. The awesome swim instructors all were wearing face shields which I especially appreciated, as swimming is anxiety-provoking for both of my kids. Being able to see their faces and smiles makes such a huge difference! The convenient dressing rooms also had every other room blocked off to help with distancing. After the lesson was completed, parents were dismissed by row to not have a bottleneck at the door to the pool. All these little details showed the thought and care taken in regards to COVID precautions. I felt more comfortable here than at the grocery store!

I decided to sign my kids up for lessons and have been so happy. It has been so nice to have a recurring activity on our schedule that is safe and that they look forward to. Excited to go into summer 2021 where (hopefully) pools will be open and safe and I will have two kids that can swim! Thank you, Goldfish Swim School for providing a wonderful and fun activity while helping to keep us all safe!