Review by Amber Chamberlee

“It makes me feel calm and brave!” These were the words my six year old Cooper said to me before he went to bed tonight and almost made me cry. He was talking about how much be enjoys taking swim classes each week with Alex, his teacher at Dayton’s Goldfish Swim School. Cooper has dealt with sensory processing disorder since he was a toddler and struggled with anxiety around water because of it. The uncertainty he felt while in the water and fear of having water in his face was sometimes more than he could handle.

Swim instructor teach a student how to floatWe were lucky enough to be given the opportunity to try out Goldfish Swim School to hopefully find an avenue where Cooper could trust someone other than us to teach him to swim and have his boundaries challenged in a safe environment. Boy did we luck out! The first day of class he was nervous and timid as we expected but his teacher never once forced him to do anything or make him uncomfortable. She only encouraged him and proved to him that he could trust her and that he had the courage to try out new skills! The class sizes are purposely small – 1 to 4 ratio at the most – so that each child receives the best possible instruction from their teacher and a real trusting relationship is formed.

Goldfish Swim School has become an avenue where Cooper has found a new since of bravery, trust and a passion for swimming that we and even he didn’t know was there! Passion is what Goldfish Swim School was built from and is run on. They share on their website about their passion:

“Something that propels Goldfish Swim School beyond typical. It’s passion. Not just a passion for kids or a passion for swimming…it’s a special passion for changing – even saving – lives by teaching kids to swim. A passion born in the heart of a mom – driven by her love for children, swimming and a desire to deliver an unmatched “Golden Experience” for kids and their families.”

Swim instructor and her student smilingToday marked Cooper’s 7th class and he swam with his face in the water for one ten foot stretch of the pool. He SWAM! My -as of 6 weeks ago- anxious, rule maker, nervous-in-water kid is now confidently swimming and asking his teacher to “Please don’t help me, I can do it!” as he practices backward glides. I will forever be grateful to Alex and her passion for teacher Cooper how to swim and also to the staff of Goldfish Swim School. He never wants to stop coming and is now talking about going to Goldfish Swim School for forever and joining their swim team when he gets older. The staff is beyond knowledgeable, friendly and truly love working with each family that is there for lessons.

If you are searching for a place where your child can learn confidence, passion, fun, and the skills of how to swim, contact Goldfish Swim School Today! You will be so happy you did.