Recently I had the pleasure of answering the age old question of parenting since the dawn of time. “Anyone have a suggestion on places for kids birthday party?” We’ve all been there. Especially us winter birthday parents, searching and searching for a place that makes it easy and fun. A place kids can enjoy while parents can chat and relax. Well, let me share a little secret with you, it’s right here in Centerville, Ohio! My kids had the pleasure of a birthday party at Goldfish Swim School on Lyons Road in Centerville. If you have not yet checked out Goldfish, you need to! Their swim lessons are the only surpassed by the parties.

To start the planning process, Amy and Megan (the fantastic manager and party planner) told me not to worry, they do everything and just pick my date. Yes, I’ve heard this before and ended up spending a huge chunk of the party tracking down said party hostess. So I did and after answering what type of cupcakes I wanted, I had a huge stack of adorable invites in my hand! Literally all I had to do was say April 24th both vanilla and chocolate and that was it! We’d be back in a few weeks for a party and have the whole pool to ourselves! #MomOfTheYear

Little boy getting ready to swimTo really put them thru the ringer, I made our birthday party a really wide range of ages and let my two oldest split the party. They were going to have a group of 4 yr olds and 9 year olds to make happy! Birthday party day came around and I admit I was worried as I looked at the sea of 3rd graders on one side of the room and preschoolers on the other that I had a disaster on my hands. HOLY GUACAMOLE! Those party hostesses and lifeguards created THE BEST and most fun environment I’ve ever seen!! Like I jumped in the pool and played! That’s how easy and seamless the party was. My husband and I were able to get in and play with our kids and not worry at all about food and drinks.

Everything is included with the party. The invites, the drinks, the cupcakes (which are DELISH), the plates, napkins and cups, the lifeguards, the hostess that handles all the paperwork and stays in the viewing area to help AND a host/ess in the pool area to keep the fun going. Our swim hostess got all the kids comfortable by picking Marco Polo. Did I mention you get the ENTIRE place to yourself? The whole pool and building are your and only yours during the party time. Not something you find many other places. Megan did order pizza for us part way thru the party (that we did pay for extra), so we didn’t even have to worry about that.

Little girl happily eating pizzaIf your kiddos have a birthday party coming up, or just any type of party where you want to swim, don’t skip out on what Goldfish has to offer! It was by far the most fun we’ve had as a family at a birthday party. Momma was very, very happy!