The holidays are here and many families yearn for that special gift that will be both memorable and meaningful for their child. You could purchase this year’s hottest toy or the latest trending electronic invention, but why not opt for something that offers endless fun, numerous health benefits and a skill that can last a lifetime?

Here are three reasons why swim lessons make the perfect children’s present this holiday season:

  • Swim lessons reduce the risk of drowning. Drowning is the number one cause of accidental death in children ages 1-4 and the leading cause of death in children ages 5-14. Drowning is also preventable. And, while it seems obvious that all children should take swim lessons, not all children swim year round to solidify their confidence in the water which is critical for safety. Why is perpetual swimming so important? Children must continually practice and repeat skills to cement what they’ve learned and make it instinctual. That way, if faced with a scary situation, the right life-saving reflexes can kick in.
  • Swimming helps school performance. That’s right! Time in the pool translates to higher grades at school. Swimming has been scientifically linked to an increased performance in visual motor skills and oral expression in kids. Studies have found that children who swam during their developmental years achieved several physical and mental milestones faster than their non-swimming counterparts. Researchers found that the type of instruction and sensory learning kids are exposed to early on in swim lessons translates almost seamlessly into the type of learning they’ll do in the classroom.
  • Swimming is great exercise – for all ages! Swimming uses every one of the body’s major muscle groups and is a fantastic way to get your child’s heart pumping. Plus, it’s a low-impact activity that increases flexibility (while also improving balance and posture) and remains the sport least likely to cause injuries in kids. Swimming can be done solo or on a team, any time of year. It’s a great way to stave off childhood obesity (which is linked to juvenile diabetes) and encourage even the most inactive of kids to expend a ton of energy while having fun in the process.

So, this holiday season skip the usual presents and gift an experience that will last a lifetime. Goldfish Swim School is offering special, limited-time only holiday packages that include two months of lessons, the annual membership fee and more.

Order yours today! Call (440) 305-5220 for Goldfish Swim School of Fairview.

Sonali Morris is the mother of two formerly reluctant swimmers who conquered their fears at Goldfish Swim School and now swim competitively for the Solon Stars Swim Club.