We are thrilled to be OPEN!

Here are some frequently asked questions about our reopening process and resources to aid your experience as we begin classes. Thank you for reading!

Q: We were surveyed about Jumpstarts, Semi-Private, and Private lessons, but I don’t see them on the schedule? We have also heard there is a new class called a Family Lesson?

A: Due to our successful opening, our roster of classes is expanding almost immediately! Additions include:

  • Jump Start Clinics – Our clinics might look a little different, but the premise will be the same! Your child will have the same instructor for each class and get the equivalent of a month of swimming in a single week. Clinics are a 3:1 student to teacher ratio. Booking begins July 27, clinics will start in August and can be purchased via our Customer Portal.
  • Semi-Private & Private Lessons – continue to be available. Please connect with the desk if this is your swim class preference.
  • Family Lessons – We know that some families would prefer to swim together in a single class even if their children are different ages, skill levels etc. We also know that families with multiple children can have a hard time finding classes in the same half hour or back to back etc. Our new Family Lesson is designed to help.

Family Lessons allow for up to three swimmers from the same family to swim together in a class. A “family” is not restricted to a household. If your family has been quarantining with cousins or other family relations, you are welcome to build a class with your extended family.

These lessons can be booked using the Customer Portal. Once booked, a member of our staff will reach out to confirm the ages, levels and abilities of your swimmers. Family Lessons are $171 per child per month. Standard 2nd and 3rd booking 7% and 14% discounts apply.


Q: Does Goldfish still have limited changing hut use?

A: We have modified our policy on the changing huts. Changing huts are now open for use after your child’s swim lessons. You will see that every other hut is still closed. This precaution helps ensure that we keep the correct ratio of people in the building at a time, and helps ensure a highly sanitary environment. We will continue to expand availability as we receive updated guidance and adjust to our new normal.

Huts that are available for use will have a green CLEAN sign on the door. We ask that after you use the hut, or a restroom, please turn the sign from CLEAN to red/DIRTY by flipping it over. This will signal to our staff to sanitize the space on their next sanitation round. After sanitation, the staff will return the sign to green CLEAN.


Q: We were members and were enrolled in classes before Goldfish closed. We are not ready to return to swim lessons yet. Do we need to do anything to ensure our family is not billed?

A: No, you do not need to do anything. In order to accommodate new safety measures, we had to completely re-envision our class schedule. As a result, ALL SWIMMERS were removed from their lessons. If you are not ready to return to Goldfish, you are all set and no further actions or communication is required.


Q: If I begin the Customer Portal policy approval process, will I be automatically enrolled into swim class?

A: No, initiating the Customer Portal and new Goldfish App will not automatically enroll you into a class. You will need to approve the new Goldfish policies electronically in order to return to swim class, however, doing so does not book you into a swim lesson.


Q: We are confused about your “single child” policy. Can you please clarify?

A: To maintain social distancing and adhere to our building occupancy limits, we are asking that families only bring the child that is enrolled in swim lessons to Goldfish. Please do not bring siblings to watch or wait while the enrolled swimmer completes their class. They will not be allowed to wait inside.

If you have multiple swimmers who are booked into swim class in the same half hour – that is approved.

If you have swimmers who are booked into back to back classes, the child who is not swimming will be asked to wait outside.

We will only allow one viewer per swimmer in the building, to wait or watch, while classes are being conducted. This includes grandparents and second guardians, in addition to siblings. Thank you for understanding!


Q: I have called and left a voicemail in the last 48 hours. No one has called me back?

A: We continue to have limited staffing at the desks due to occupancy restrictions and social distancing. If you cannot find your answer on the Safety Page or on the Customer Portal, please email us your question. Email is much easier for us to delegate and respond to in a timely manner, and it allows us to gather common questions! Thank you for your patience and support.


Q: Prior to closing, we had family credit and/or make up classes on our account. What is happening to these?

A: If you had family credit or make up classes on your account, they remain there for when you are ready to rebook your classes. If you choose not to enroll immediately, nothing will happen to your family credit or make ups.

Once you are ready to rejoin swim lessons, you will need to hop on to the Customer Portal, electronically accept the new Goldfish policies and book into a swim lesson. From there, you will be able to see and use your family credit or make up classes. You must be enrolled in a swim lesson to use or book your make ups.


Q: I am on the Customer Portal but cannot see my child’s level. I am searching for Thursday or Friday swim classes and/or Swim Force.

A: Due to reorganizing our schedule & based on responses from our customer survey, we are reopening with a limited offering of swim classes. As we get started, we will not be hosting classes on Thursday or Friday and we will not be offering Swim Force until later this summer.

Once we get back up to speed, we anticipate opening these lessons back up. We will notify everyone of changes via email and on our social channels. Thank you for understanding!