Family Swim

Family Swimming Pool Hours in Boise, ID

Indulge in year-round tropical vibes at our family swimming hours in Boise, Meridian, Eagle and the Surrounding Areas

Whether you’re looking to sharpen your children’s swimming prowess or craving some quality family time, our family swimming sessions offer the perfect blend of skill-building and bonding. Dive into a shiver-free experience in our comfortably heated pool, set at a delightful 90°, ensuring your day or evening is nothing short of enjoyable.

Goldfish Swim School Family Swim

Elevate Your Family’s Fun and Well-being

As a parent, you’re likely familiar with the truth that kids often don’t realize they’ll enjoy something until they give it a try. Luckily, the majority of kids have a natural affinity for the water.

There are numerous advantages to our open family swimming pool hours:


  • Educate your child on water safety and introduce them to aquatic environments.
  • Unwind in our cozy pool while your little swimmer demonstrates their skills.
  • Assess whether your child could benefit from formal swim lessons.
  • Channel excess energy with enjoyable pool time together.
  • Foster your child’s comfort in the water by joining them for a swim.

If you haven’t joined Goldfish Swim School yet, our Family Swim sessions are open to everyone and offer a fantastic opportunity to dip your toes in the water. Dive into our vibrant, secure, tropical facilities, and discover the enriching experiences we offer for both our students and their families.

Contact your local swim school in Boise, ID to learn more about our family swimming pool hours.

Please Note: For safety purposes, we require at least one adult to be in the water with each child who cannot swim independently during the open swim. Specific policies requiring adults in the water may vary by location. Some locations will also require that you register prior to attending our Family Swim.

For more information, check out our swimming lessons page or find your nearest location. We’re excited to see you at the pool!

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