As we hit the halfway point in 2024, it gives us a moment to reflect on all of the FINtastic efforts and accomplishments of our team in the first two quarters. We’ve opened 9 new schools, launched our 3rd Safer Swimmer Pledge campaign resulting in 27,346 pledges, earned 10 awards, and have hit the ground running with our efforts to build out new locations in California. Through every decision, milestone and award, we have utilized data to swim forward into Extraordinary Results. The past 6 months we have been full of learning, developing, and implementing new things that have all been the result of data.

The Latest and Greatest in Brand-Focused AI

One of the key data sources for our team is none other than AI. Our technology team has taken on the beast that is Artificial Intelligence to help guide decision-making. Through great efforts, our team has analyzed outcomes across our consumers, enhanced effectiveness and quality at every touch point with our consumers, and elevated our proven curriculum, The Science of SwimPlay. Using data this way allows us to automate mundane tasks and handle basic functions that let our experience continue to be as Golden as possible.

Not only has AI been a proven asset in the world of business, but it’s specifically enhanced the world of franchising. Brands can train AI bots and implement AI solutions that are tailored to franchising – assisting with operations, boosting sales, supporting new real estate and giving the opportunity to pinpoint areas of growth.

AI can enrich experiences and advance the sector’s mission, creating stronger businesses and happier consumers.

Social Media Drives Decisions and Informed Purchases

As you may have guessed, another great data source for our team continues to be social media. Not only are we able to utilize it as a resource for connecting with our consumers, but as a tool for tracking their behavior and buying habits. Are they searching before purchasing? Are they making impulsive buys? How are they sharing their experience afterward? Our team is embracing the trends with open arms to help reach our consumers as individuals, right where they’re at in the consumer journey.

Instagram has become a home for connecting and sharing, allowing our social media and marketing experts to find, chat with, and share information with every consumer. We’re able to tailor our content and efforts towards each person’s wants and needs, all available information to us through the great data that lives within the platform. One step further, we’re able to customize our swim program to adapt and fit the needs of each swimmer and each family we interact with, because we have the data that shows us exactly what they’re looking for.

We’ve been able to approach social media as an extension of our in-person experience, one that is essential for growth and continuing our mission of ensuring every child is safer in and around the water.

As we dive into the second half of 2024, we’re excited to continue to use data from every channel to drive us onward and upward!

Learn more about how our team is prioritizing data to drive Extraordinary Results and how you can get in on the action! Reach out to our Franchise Development team’s Director of Franchising – Patty Crowe here.