Franchise ownership has grown dramatically over the past two decades. Through this period of great growth, franchising has moved from simply replacing an income to building multi-generational wealth for families. Many franchisees find that the business produces greater profitability by owning multiple units. So what is the best model for you- Single or Multi-unit Ownership or Multi-Concept Ownership?

Within Goldfish Swim School, ownership looks different for each school based on the owners’ personal goals. Many owners retain their current occupation and invest in Goldfish as a way to build wealth and diversify their investments. Many owners start as single-unit owners, find they love the business, and ultimately request to be awarded more locations. Some Goldfish owners run other businesses as well as their Goldfish business. The one thing they all have in common is a fundamental belief that the Goldfish Business Model is effective.

“When we looked at concepts, it was important to us that we could build and own all the Goldfish Swim Schools in our market. We wanted to be the market leader and saw our greatest opportunity coming from extending the market share and universe of families we could help,” shared Lars Grisley, Goldfish Swim School multi-unit owner.

“Having been involved in franchising for many years, I knew the great benefits of franchise ownership. Our family owned five locations of a restaurant concept and saw the industry and company changing. After selling our previous business, our family began researching Goldfish Swim School. We were impressed by the financial returns, and even more so the important societal need it fulfilled – keeping children safe. As we invested in Goldfish, we saw the opportunity the brand could create for the next generation of our family, many of which operate and manage our schools today. Goldfish is a brand and concept with which we are proud to be associated. It is wonderful to see the success the next generation of our family is having,” said Andy Chamberlain.

“I think our experience is really common. My husband and I owned one school, then as we saw the impact our school was having on the community and our personal lives, we decided to open a second location. I have no doubt that we will continue to grow, our work is truly fulfilling, and we are proud to be a part of such an amazing brand,” shared Dana Schuchardt.

“I think the diversity of our owners speaks volumes about the scalability and performance of the Goldfish business model. Our owners were all looking for a return, an exceptional operations model, and a technology and data-driven business,” concluded Patty Crowe, Director of Franchising.

If you are eager to add Goldfish to your business ownership, take 20 minutes and meet with the team at Goldfish Swim School, we can share what’s made this an exceptional opportunity for so many. Simply fill out the form, and we will get a time scheduled with you.