It’s no secret that buying into a franchise system is an investment. From the time you reach out for the first exploratory phone call, to working through the entire award process, to signing a lease, to opening the location’s doors, you’re committing to spending some serious time and money with a brand. What makes it all worth it? The reward!

The reward comes from thriving in the industry and becoming successful in the market you’ve chosen as the place for your franchise location to call home. You get there with the support and help from others, aka one of the biggest benefits of buying into a franchise system versus starting a business and a brand from scratch. When investing in the Goldfish Swim School brand, you’re never alone! Right from the start, you’re backed by a full franchise office of knowledgeable, eager-to-help-you-professionals that are with you every step of the way. Our team educates you about the brand; helps coach and guide you using the proven processes and proprietary curriculum, and celebrates you all along the way.

The team at the franchise office is full of resources, yet some of the best resources can be found amongst your peers! A community of franchise owners across North America have bonded together to support one another in times of need and times of celebration, working together to help the system, and each school, operate successfully. Our franchisees collaborate with one another to solve issues, to get advice, and to learn proven processes they can implement in their own school. They’re often sharing promotional ideas and contacts they’ve made throughout their time in the industry. The relationships and friendships that are formed between owners often extend well beyond the four tropical walls of their schools.

Neighboring franchisees are able to pull together resources to make big waves in their communities such as large media buys and large-scale events to grow each of their respective businesses. Our Chicago-area owners are a tried and true example. The franchisees work together on most efforts, collaborating on brand promotions and campaigns that allow them to get bigger and better results. The local teams, with the help of their chosen PR Agency, put their heads together for their holiday promotion in the final months of 2022. Their combined efforts contributed $26,000 in shared revenues, covering their marketing costs and beyond. By coming together to purchase and earn media spots, they attracted 1,500 new leads which were distributed amongst the schools for continued relationship-building.

While we love to see our owners working together, it’s the culture they’ve created that inspires us. They share a mutual understanding and respect for one another that goes beyond what we can teach them in training.

With owners coming together to help each other and help the brand, the growth seen is tremendous. Our team now has 146 locations open and operating across North America, with plans to open another 25 this year alone. It’s largely because of our owners, and their willingness to collaborate, that our schools continue to be successful and grow, ultimately leading to the award of more schools!

Reach out to us to learn more about our brand and how you can join a community of collaboration!