Over one million hours of lessons taught and over 250 locations open or in development, the 2022 Goldfish Swim School® Owners’ Celebration has evolved into a truly unprecedented event. “Our owners’ needs have changed from the early years; many owners are no longer involved in daily operations but instead are managing a multi-school brand in their community. This important change has meant our approach to training and growth for our organization has had to evolve as well,” shared Andrew McCuiston, Goldfish’s President. And change it has. 2022 marked the first year for the Strategic Leadership Summit, supporting owners and their general managers as well as a conference for only the Owners.

“Ownership is concerned with the long-term; how do we keep innovating and maintaining our leadership position. our General Managers are in charge of creating our WOW Customer Service. It only seemed right to support both groups in our ongoing support roles,” continued McCuiston.

Having had an opportunity to sit with many owners at this year’s Owners’ Conference, there were some common themes in what we heard.

Doing Well While Doing Good

Many owners in the Goldfish franchise system also own other franchise concepts, be it adventure parks, , or restaurant and coffee concepts, to name just a few. The one consistent piece heard among these conversations was the desire to do something that improved the community. Providing swim instruction not only saves lives but teaches children the importance of hard work, practicing, and building self-confidence. “Pride in knowing that you are impacting lives is one of the joys this brand offers,” shared Rose Casper, who recently opened her second Goldfish Swim School.

“For us, the decision was in the numbers. Looking at the data, we could see this was a smart investment for our business,” explained Jonathan Spindler.

Essential Concept – Perfect for Diversification

“All children should learn to swim, making Goldfish an essential service. This is the main reason we added it to our portfolio of brands,” shared David Goodman. “Goldfish doesn’t need to add additional services to remain relevant. As long as communities grow, so will the need,” Goodman continued.

Powerful Brand

Many Goldfish Swim School owners started as customers. Having seen first-hand the totality of Goldfish’s benefit to its students, they were inspired to become franchisees. “Our family had moved to Utah, and I asked my sister where I should take my kids to learn to swim, and she said there’s only one choice- Goldfish. She told me they’re everywhere – look for one near you. Upon checking, I found that there wasn’t one in Utah at the time, so we decided to open one. Now we have 3 open schools > and will be opening 2 more,” explained Katie Grisley.

If you are ready to jump in with both feet and explore the possibility of franchise ownership, take a few minutes to meet with the Goldfish team. They can share more about the brand, investment, and opportunity with Goldfish Swim School. Reach out today.