Last week, Goldfish Swim School Franchising leadership hosted over 300 owners, school managers, and partners for their School Leadership Summit (SLS) – a conference focused on ensuring a GOLDEN EXPERIENCE for all Goldfish Swim School members.

School leadership from around the country gathered to hear panelists on marketing, operational excellence, consumer experience, and more. This fully immersive experience then put every attendee in the role of leadership to scenario plan and share best practices on real-life business cases from within the company.

“SLS is an incredible event. Like many of the top franchise brands, we host a conference for the front line. It is a great opportunity for owners and managers to collaborate and share best practices – we know that all of us together are stronger than any of us on our own,” shared Mike Skitzki, COO.

“We want every school to be a success. That’s why we provide so much support to our owners and schools. From providing each franchisee with a dedicated curriculum consultant, who’s an expert on our product, a franchise business consultant and a marketing consultant, Goldfish has invested heavily into developing a scalable, sustainable model and the infrastructure to fuel franchisee success,” continued Skitzki.

In addition to reviewing the State of the Company and the interactive learning experiences, Goldfish Swim School took this time to CELEBRATE owners and managers who are growing and building safer communities.

“I am returning to the school with lots of innovative, practical and operationally efficient ideas that I am very excited to implement. Having the consistent support of both the franchise system’s team and the other managers and owners has been imperative to West Bloomfield’s success. Goldfish is unlike any other brand I have ever worked for. Goldfish is run by a team of passionate, intelligent, and driven leaders. The dedication to our mission is present in everything that this company does,” shared Gabby Rosely, General Manager of Goldfish Swim School – West Bloomfield.

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