At Goldfish, growth is planned. If you follow the Goldfish Brand, you will see tremendous growth in locations, revenue, and new franchise owners joining our swim force. We follow a program, as do many of our franchisees, called the Entrepreneurial Operating System or EOS.

EOS provides a disciplined framework to determine the most needed priorities to reach your 1-year, 3-year, and 10-year targets. As a part of this program, we routinely provide our employees and franchisees with a quarterly “State of the Company” report. It is our leadership’s opportunity to remain accountable for the work of growing our business.

We’d like to make our State of the Company available for our key partners and interested investors starting this quarter. We hope it gives you a sense of how we propel forward and a sense of our organization’s core values which are rooted in each decision we make.

After you’ve taken a few minutes to hear our course for the next 90-days and beyond, feel free to reach out for a deeper dive. Our Franchise Development team would be happy to share more about our best-in-class programming and technology. Set up an exploratory, no-pressure call and learn more today.

Take a deeper dive here.