Last year, Goldfish Swim School, like many other brands, was affected by the global pandemic that rocked our economy and forced us to temporarily shut down operations for the health and safety of our staff and visitors. However, this challenging time enabled us to find new and unique ways to maintain growth and increase revenue, which has earned us recognition for our efforts for the fourth consecutive year!

Making Waves for the Past 4 Years

Goldfish Swim School has been ranked number 11 on Franchise Times’ Smartest-Growing Brands list, proving that growth goes beyond the number of customers you can get through your doors. In his Franchising Times interview, CEO of Goldfish Swim School Chris McCuiston said that sustainable growth is all about finding “synergies between culture and strategies and staying consistent with that.”

Our philosophy has served us very well in that we have grown our sales to $146 million in 2019. This figure is up 92.5% from two years ago. Further, we have opened 39 locations during that span, which is no small feat when considering the pandemic’s effects and the investment amount required to become part of our franchise network. None of this expansion and growth would have been possible without you—our fantastic franchise owners—meeting every challenge and finding new opportunities to satisfy our visitors, make them feel welcome, and attract new customers.

How Franchisees Are Investing in Our Future

As a brand that thrives on our swimming school franchise owners’ success, existing franchisees developing more locations has been integral in our expansion strategy. We are so proud that our existing ownership groups continue to invest in our future because they recognize the long-term stability of our simplistic business model.

“There aren’t a lot of nicks in our armor, our business model armor,” Chris said. “Learn to swim, the need will always be there, and franchisees recognize that.”

Additionally, our marketing efforts at the national and local levels have never wavered, even during the pandemic. We have stayed committed to working on unique ways to reach new and current visitors. In fact, we strengthened our local marketing support in recent years to help franchisees create, execute, and monitor their advertising plans. The considerable endeavor has been worth evaluating what works and what doesn’t based on marketing data.

In his interview, Chris also noted that we aren’t accustomed to throwing money into a bottomless marketing abyss, hoping that something sticks. While we have deployed some of our marketing spend on national public relations, the bulk of our spending will stay in local and regional markets “where people will actually turn into customers,” Chris said.

With all of the success of last year, we can’t help but be excited about 2021 and the new prospects on the horizon. However, caring for and supporting our franchise owners has always been an essential aspect of our continued business growth.

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