Goldfish Swim School® Leadership and Franchisees recently attended the International Franchise Association’s 2022 Conference. For Goldfish Franchisees, it was a chance to be recognized by the whole Franchise Industry for their outstanding performance. For Goldfish Leadership, it was an opportunity to give back by sharing their expertise with other franchisors and franchise business owners.

“Franchising is an Industry of Dream Makers,” shared Catherine Monson, IFA’s Chair. That phrase rang so true. For many, franchising is the way to achieve the dream of business ownership. It enables people to take control over their destiny. Almost a third of franchisees would not have started a business if it weren’t for franchising. That number is nearly 40% for women-owned franchises and 26% owned by people of color. With a franchise, you own your own business, but you are not alone. The fact you have a partner with proven practices to help you achieve is what makes franchising so successful.

According to an independent study conducted for the IFA, franchise business owners generate better payoffs than independent businesses. And for businesses owned by people of color, the payoff is 2.2-times more than an independently owned business.

Photo: Andrew McCuiston, President; Shana Krisan, VP Marketing; Chris McCuiston, CEO & Co-Founder celebrated Goldfish Owners at 2022 IFA and shared their knowledge with the industry’s leading franchisors.

Equally compelling to the return franchising offers is the impact franchising has on local economies. Locally owned businesses keep resources in the community. On average, locally owned franchise businesses pay 2.2%-3.4% higher wages. Over 65% of their jobs offer healthcare benefits. Franchise businesses provide greater training opportunities than independent companies, resulting in employees being promoted to managers more quickly. Also, typical franchise businesses hire 2.3-times more employees than independents

What stands out most is that more than 65% of franchise businesses give back to local charities in their communities, at an average rate of 6% of total profit. The ripple effects franchising has on a local community are staggering.

What was made clear by the IFA 2022 Conference is that franchising is an industry of dream makers. And that the dream of business ownership is stronger than ever.

If you have considered business ownership and want to own a business that has tremendous purpose and impact on the next generation, there is no better concept than Goldfish Swim School. Our community of owners enjoys celebrating each other’s successes. Our Franchise Support Team is dedicated to helping you realize your dreams. Take a few minutes to meet with our Franchise Development team and learn more about Goldfish’s unique model and tremendous growth.