“Part of what makes Goldfish Swim School such a strong-knit community of owners and operators is the consistency of our Core Values,” shares Chris McCuiston, CEO and Co-Founder.

The intentional development of the Goldfish Swim School business started with a strong vision to create access to positive and life-saving water safety and swim instruction. While undoubtedly an essential need and vision, how the business accomplishes this is where companies can go awry. “To help ensure our vision is achieved and the intention of how we treat every person – owner, employee, and member, we developed our Core Values. They help us make judgment calls in our work each day,” continued McCuiston.

Goldfish Swim School’s Core Values:

  • We go above and beyond with every detail to create a GOLDEN Experience!
  • We believe in nurturing a culture that provides WOW! Customer Service!
  • We do the right things, make the right decisions and treat people with Integrity, Compassion and Trust
  • We meet and exceed expectations so you see Extraordinary Results
  • We make a big deal about life’s accomplishments by remembering to Celebrate!

At this year’s School Leadership Summit, we celebrated the best of the best in front of a crowd of owners, managers, franchise staff, and strategic partners. An awards ceremony and a dinner cruise on a chartered yacht along the Canadian border allowed our system to Celebrate! and enjoy the fellowship of friends and colleagues from across the country.

Congratulations to our talent who give it their all every day to make their communities safer and more joyful. And to the teams of:

  • Going Above and Beyond to Create a Golden Experience – Goldfish Swim School – Fox Chapel, PA
  • Providing Wow! Customer Service – Goldfish Swim School – Garden City, NY
  • Treating People with Integrity, Compassion & Trust – Goldfish Swim School – Winter Park, Florida
  • Meeting & Exceeding Expectations so you see Extraordinary Results – Goldfish Swim School – Springfield, NJ
  • Making a Big Deal out of Life’s Accomplishments by Remembering to Celebrate – Goldfish Swim School – Boise, Idaho

If you are driven to build safer communities, provide opportunities for yourself, your staff, and your members, and live by our Core Values, we’d love to talk about business ownership with Goldfish Swim School. Reach out to Patty at patty@goldfishfranchise.com and have an introductory call.