A new year, a new decade: It’s time to change your life – personally, professionally and financially – in 2020. Take those New Year’s resolutions and instead turn those lifelong goals you’ve had for yourself into a reality.

If your resolutions include:

  • Do what you love
  • Expand your income
  • Live life more fully
  • Give back
  • Plan for the future

Turn those into life goals – by being awarded a Goldfish Swim School franchise.

Do What You Love

Now’s the time to make your job, your career, more than just something you go to day after day.

You have a passion for swimming. You love teaching children. You want to make an impact on the community.

When you own a Goldfish Swim School franchise, you’ll be able to satisfy all those desires, and more.

Goldfish Swim Schools are located across the country to help children learn how to swim – a lifelong skill – and be safer in and around the water. Plus, learning to swim at Goldfish Swim School provides children with benefits beyond swimming.

Wouldn’t it feel amazing to do what you love, every day, while being your own boss?

Expand Your Income

Dive into investing in a swim school franchise and learn about the opportunity that awaits you at Goldfish Swim School.

Since opening our first location in 2006, Goldfish Swim School has grown to nearly 100 locations – with no sign of slowing down. Learning to swim will never go out of style, and the proven business plan means franchisees have the opportunity for success.

For instance, Profit Before Other Expenses (as defined in the Financial Disclosure Document), for franchises open 12 months or more average approximately $710,000. Profit Before Other Expenses is defined in the FDD.

You can be part of the growth while expanding your income.

Live Life More Fully

Now is the year to make everything you do intentional. When you spend most of your adult waking moments working, it should bring you joy – and help you in other aspects of your life as well.

Is your work intentional? Or does it leave you empty at the end of the day?

When you own a Goldfish Swim School franchise, you’ll have a GOLDEN experience. You’ll fulfill your dreams, love going to work, receive company support, achieve your financial goals, and more. As a result, you’ll be in a better mindset to live life the way you want to.

Give Back

Often, people make resolutions about volunteering or giving back more. Owning a Goldfish Swim School franchise affords you the opportunity to give back to the community and beyond in more ways than you may realize.

The Goldfish Swim School business plan incorporates fundraising and other measures to make a difference – and save lives. Giving back can mean more than simply donating to a local food pantry. For us, it’s about teaching as many children as possible how to swim and be safer in and around the water – in turn reducing drowning rates among all populations.

Plan for the Future

You want to leave a legacy for your children, and reach your own financial goals you’ve set for yourself. A Goldfish Swim School franchise is something that can allow you to achieve both. You’re in control of your financial destiny, and we’ll help you get there.

A swim school franchise is here to stay, and something you can plan on into your retirement. Your future starts now!

Test the Water Now

Find out if owning a Goldfish Swim School franchise is the right fit for you: Get started now by filling out the application and begin the process to being awarded your own franchise.