You’ve decided you want to become a franchise owner, and you did your research. Because of your love of swimming and drive to open a kids’ activity franchise, you determined that a swim school franchise is what you want – and then discovered that Goldfish Swim School’s positive impact on the community, proven business model and successful franchise plan speak to your dreams and goals.

Congratulations on pursuing your lifelong personal and financial goals!

At Goldfish Swim School, we like to celebrate – and that means celebrating all the milestones along the way of opening your own Goldfish Swim School franchise, such as:

When You’re Awarded Your Franchise

There may be plenty of franchise opportunities out there for you to invest in, but becoming a Goldfish Swim School franchise owner isn’t for everyone. We want to make sure you’re a right fit – in every way – that’s why our award winning process is so thorough, and why we celebrate if you’re awarded a franchise!

After your initial inquiry into becoming a Goldfish Swim School franchise owner, you’ll talk to the Goldfish Swim School team so we can get to know each other. Then, you’ll go through your financial pre-qualification process. Once that goes through, you’ll review the terms of the Franchise Disclosure Document in order to fully understand requirements and expectations.

When the financial discussions are taken care of, you’ll meet with members of the Goldfish Swim School franchise executive team so we can ensure you’re ready, willing and able to become a successful franchise owner – and then you’ll attend a “Discovery Day” at our Goldfish Swim School headquarters in Troy, Michigan.

Then, when all your ducks are in a row and you are officially awarded your Goldfish Swim School franchise, we celebrate.

When Your Location is Approved

Nearly 100 Goldfish Swim School locations are located in more than 26 states across the United States, with some in Canada, and we’re continually growing. We look forward to determining where you will fit best, and our team helps you with site selection during the process.

In order to help ensure success for existing Goldfish Swim School franchise locations – and you – we maintain parameters on the proximity allowed to build a new franchise.

Before you were awarded your Goldfish Swim School franchise, we determined together where you would open your potential new franchise. You checked our available markets, and identified your preferred area.

We narrowed down the specific location that will accommodate your Goldfish Swim School franchise, right down to the cross streets – taking into account potential membership population, size of the building, community impact, financial requirements, and more.

By coordinating with our team and our network of real estate professionals, we’ll help you celebrate when you receive final site approval.

When Construction is Complete

Each Goldfish Swim School franchise is carefully constructed to maximize comfort, fun, and safety. That’s why our team will work with you to build your dreams.

Along the way, we will provide:

  • An approved list of architects and construction companies
  • Design manuals with policies, procedures and best practices
  • An approved list of suppliers and vendors
  • Designated approved representatives to assist you
  • On-site visits from our own construction team

There are a lot of steps to take into consideration when constructing anything, and adding a pool and specific elements to create the Goldfish Swim School atmosphere and experience means paying strict attention to detail – something we celebrate when it’s all complete.

When the Doors Open

You’ve decided to take the plunge and open your own Goldfish Swim School franchise. You secured capital for your initial investment. You went through the award process and were awarded your dream. You worked with the Goldfish Swim School team and real estate professionals to find the right location for you to get your feet wet. You coordinated with our team, architects, and construction companies to build your franchise.

That’s quite a process – and it’s worth it when it comes time to open those doors for the first time and invite children, families, and the community in.

We will celebrate. We will celebrate welcoming you to the Goldfish family; becoming part of the community; committing to saving lives by teaching children how to swim; and you achieving your dreams.

Learn about owning a Goldfish Swim School Franchise

Ready to take your career goals to the next level? Entrepreneur Magazine Franchise 500 just named Goldfish Swim School the No. 1 swim school and No. 28 franchise overall – and Franchise Time Fast & Serious ranked us No. 10 (up from No. 15 in 2019!). Dip your toes in and start the process of becoming a Goldfish Swim School franchise owner!