Ending 2022, our team was swimming to the finish line in creating a new brand campaign for our schools, members and communities to enjoy as the new year started. Like every brand campaign our team creates, this one had to be big, bold, and purposeful, leading our audiences to take action in making waves. The campaign for 2023, titled Their Golden Years are Here, was a creation of our fintastic franchise marketing team, who came together with ideas, sketches and one-liners that they knew were sure to make a splash. This brand campaign is all about encouraging our audience to dream, manifest, and believe in what they can achieve! After all, our Golden Years are now!

Our franchise marketing team is made up of individuals that bring a multitude of knowledge and creativity to the table. From content creators, graphic designers, and digital marketers to outloud thinkers, researchers and just down right passionate people, our team is the perfect mix of brains for a campaign like this one. From the moment they knew a new campaign was in their future, they got to work mocking up graphics and writing down copy ideas. It’s their job to be the creative thinkers that help our franchisees succeed and put out great content in their social feeds, email campaigns and beyond.

When the campaign was ready to launch for franchisees, it was a beautiful, tropical, multi-channel program ready for them to take advantage of. It included fin-ominal graphics to be splattered onto their social channels and used as headers in their emails, example copy to be used in press releases and media interviews, talking points that could be shared with brand ambassadors and Goldfish influencers – and even a tangible batch of calendars for schools to hand out to their members. It’s our job to put our brains together to create a package of tools and resources that franchisees can use to ensure the campaign goes off without a hitch!

This campaign, along with handfuls of others created throughout the years, intended to do two things – connect with consumers and encourage them to take action. Not only is it important for our schools and our brand to be relatable and connect with our members and communities, but it’s also important that we use new campaigns like this to help generate engagement and new members for our schools. The more safer swimmers, the better!

This is just one example of the benefits that come with being a franchisee in the Goldfish system. While the marketing support is bright and shiny and usually in the form of amazing graphics and videos, it is just one component of what franchisees get in terms of resources. We have an entire franchise office dedicated to and responsible for ensuring our franchisees are set up for success from the moment they reach out to our Franchise Development team to the time they teach their first swim lesson and beyond.