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Goldfish Swim School

Clarkston, MI

  • The Goldfish Experience

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    Clarkston, MI!

    We’re excited to announce the opening of another Goldfish Swim School in the suburbs north of Detroit!

    What makes Goldfish so special? We cater to the comfort of your children. Our pools are kept at 90 degrees to make the water inviting. Our class sizes are small-no more than four children per instructor-so kids receive the personalized attention they need to advance their learning. And, our state-of-the-art water purification system guarantees a clean, safe environment for learning swimmers.

    We teach children of all ages and varying stages. Classes range from introductory parent-tot programs to beginner swimmer lessons to advanced pro-level lessons. We also offer a recreational swim team, weekend birthday parties and open swim times for families.

    This Goldfish Swim School is an independently owned and operated business of Clarkston Swim Academy, INC.

  • Map & Directions

    Goldfish - Clarkston MI

    ADDRESS 6340 Waldon Center Dr.
    Clarkston, MI 48346
    PHONE: (248) 795-2252
    FAX: N/A
  • Swim Lesson Fees

    Swimming Lessons Class Fees

    GROUP (4:1) MINI 3/JR. (3:1) SEMI-PRIV (2:1) PRIVATE (1:1)
    1 lesson per week $78/mo. $104/mo. $121/mo. $182/mo.
    2 lessons per week $150.54/mo. $208/mo.$242/mo. $364/mo.
    Casual "Drop-in" lesson $19.50/lesson $26/lesson $30.25/lesson $45.50/lesson

    Our swim lesson options:

    *Swim lessons once per week: this is great for the swimmers who are just getting their feet wet (pun intended!) with Goldfish’s Golden Experience. Weekly lessons are key in taking the proper steps towards ensuring your child’s increased safety, comfort and awareness in and around water.

    *Swim lessons twice per week: this option is great to advance your child’s swimming skills twice as fast! Not only will they advance quicker, but it’s a great cardiovascular exercise for your child!

    *Casual “drop-in” lessons: At Goldfish, we offer casual lessons for that family who wants to “drop in” for that extra class each week. Swimming more than once per week allows your child to improve their skills at a faster pace. Just call us and we can look for a time slot that works for you!

    *Fees are per month, paid on the first of each month.

    *Family swim is $5 per person, no more than $15 per family.

    *Birthday parties are $450 per booking time slot (other fees apply for select services, please visit the “contact info/forms” and click on the “Party Waiver”)

    *The fees outlined above are the monthly cost for swim lessons, per child, and will be debited on the 1st day of each month. These monthly fees are based on your child taking one (1) class per week. *An annual Registration Fee of $25 is due when first signing your child up at Goldfish Swim School. The maximum family Registration fee is $45/family per year. This fee will be due once per year on the anniversary date of when you first signed up at Goldfish Swim School.

    Payment can be taken two ways:

    1. Monthly automatic debit from a checking or savings account.
    2. Monthly automatic debit from a Visa, Master Card, or American Express credit card or debit card.
      • Enrollment is based upon availability.
      • Discounts for additional siblings. (Group lessons only)
      • All pricing information is subject to change.
  • Hours & Info

    Hours & Info

    Hours of Operation

    MONDAY:8:30AM — 7:30PM
    TUESDAY:8:30AM — 4PM
    WEDNESDAY:8:30AM — 8:30PM
    THURSDAY:8:30AM — 7:30PM
    FRIDAY:8:30AM — 8PM
    SATURDAY:8:30AM — 1:30PM
    SUNDAY:9:30AM — 4:30PM

    Lessons run every half hour throughout the day at scheduled times. Please call for class availability.

    Family Swim Hours

    MONDAY: 12PM — 1:30PM
    THURSDAY: 12PM — 1:30PM
    FRIDAY:6:30PM — 8PM
    SUNDAY: 2:30PM — 4PM

    Rec. Team Hours

    WEDNESDAY: 7:30PM — 8:30PM
    SUNDAY: 1:30PM — 2:30PM

    Party Hours

    SATURDAY: 2PM — 4PM & 4:30PM — 6:30PM
  • Contact Info/Forms

    Contact Info/Forms

    Contact Info:

    ADDRESS 6340 Waldon Center Dr.
    Clarkston, MI 48346
    PHONE: (248) 795-2252
    FAX: N/A
    GENERAL MANAGER: Jamieson Hanna
    ASSISTANT MANAGER(S): Manager on Duty: Danielle Bilek
    Manager on Duty: Austine Wright
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