“Really a day in the life is just making sure you are meeting the end goal which is running a successful business that teaches kids to be safe in and out of the water. If we are achieving that each and every day, then we are winning.”

– Katie and Lars Grisley – Multi-Unit Owner

“As we looked around and spoke to bankers and other folks in the industry that fit our criteria – over and over Goldfish came up. It’s the #1 swim school in the category.”

– Ken Merideth – Multi-Unit Owner

“We were looking for something to do as a family that would provide a future for us that we could depend on. I think what attracted us to Goldfish was the ability to make a large impact on our community.”

– Gina Jacobs Thomas – Multi-Unit Owner

“Personally, I like the freedom to dictate how I work. I like that flexibility.”

– Rosanna Casper – Multi-Unit Owner

“There is a lot of pride in our market representing Goldfish. Just being able to bring swimming lessons to the community and keeping kids safe in the water – there aren’t many businesses where you can have that effect on the community.”

– Anthony Pistilli – Multi-Unit Owner

“We were looking for something new and wanted to create wealth for our children. We looked into different avenues to do that. Once we found Goldfish, we were very excited. I think since we are both healthcare providers we were encouraged by the mission. ”

– Joseph Goodly and Rachelle Nurse

“The Goldfish corporate teams give you everything you need to know and the support is amazing. It wasn’t an easy decision for me, but I have zero regrets. I am so happy I took the leap.”

– Larisa and Jeffrey Posner – Multi-Unit Owner