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The Deep Dive

It’s fin-tastic that you are considering a franchise opportunity with Goldfish Swim School. This page provides a deeper dive into the industry, our differentiators, and performance. Our team is always happy to lend a fin and answer your questions.

Youth Sports, Particularly Swimming, is on the Rise!

Youth Sports is a 17-billion-dollar industry and growing. More than a quarter of US families spend over $500 a month on youth sports. Why is getting children involved in sports early such a priority in today’s family? It’s simple. Children who participate in sports do better in life. They are more engaged, have stronger personal relationships and mental health. Take a look at the research Aspen Institute conducted. This same research showed that swimming is a top 3 sport for boys and girls based on physical activity, psychosocial, and safety benefits.

The Swimmer-verse

Today 48 million kids are in the prime swimming demo in the US (under 11 years of age). This audience isn’t showing signs of slowing. Swimming is an essential life skill, and swim instruction is proven to reduce childhood drowning rates. In fact, the American Association of Pediatricians has declared that children should start taking swim lessons as young as one year of age.

At Goldfish, we’ve seen that our perpetual model of swim lessons is what parents are looking for. Across all learn to swim programs from 2000 to 2017, year-round memberships for swimming      have increased 52%—the reason–swim lessons save lives.

The Need for Goldfish Swim School

Drowning is still the number 1 accidental cause of death of children under 6. And sadly, through the pandemic, we’ve seen drowning numbers increase. In addition to the philanthropic and community awareness work that Goldfish Swim School does and the Goldfish Foundation, there are hundreds of nonprofits      and coalitions working to solve this community crisis.

Cullen Jones, world-famous, Olympic Gold Medalist and Goldfish Brand Ambassador, has shared that he almost drowned as a small child and that caused his family to realize the importance of swim lessons. (See more about his story in USA Today.)

As an owner, you will not only work to solve this issue daily for families in your community, but you will have the opportunity to partner with these great organizations to help educate your community.

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